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At the end of 2022, another execution was carried out in the United States. The media across the country is talking about it. Kenneth Smith was supposed to be put to death by injection, but the prison guards couldn’t do their job. For more than an hour, they searched for a nerve and stabbed him in various places, causing great pain to the accused.

Failure to implement in the US. What’s next?

Kenneth Smith brutally murdered Elizabeth Sennett in 1988. He did this on behalf of the victim’s husband, who was deeply in debt and seeking payment from his wife’s insurance.

Smith worked with John Forrest Parker. The two were awarded $1,000 each for the murder, which is worth $1,400 today. The killers and their boss were soon arrested by the police. Elizabeth Sennett’s husband was sentenced to life imprisonment and Smith and Parker were sentenced to death.

Parker was executed in 2010. Smith is still awaiting sentencing.

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Kenneth Smith was about to be hanged in an Alabama state prison. The guards tried to give him a lethal injection, but didn’t know how to do it. According to ABC News, prison staff repeatedly stabbed themselves in various parts of the inmate’s body. However, they did not hit the nerves, but the muscles, which caused great pain.

The procedure took a total of 100 minutes. Subsequently, the execution was postponed as the court’s permission to carry out the sentence expired. The government will again ask the court to set a date for the execution.

We have no concerns about Alabama’s ability to conduct lethal injection procedures in the future. The Alabama Department of Corrections said in a statement regarding Smith that the department will continue to review all processes after each execution to identify areas for improvement.

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