“A perfect example of an ambush.” The video was released by the Ukrainian military [WIDEO]

In a post posted on Twitter by a section of the Special Operations Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, you can see the moving column of Russian military vehicles, which were ambushed by the Ukrainians shortly after.

Remote control attack – as the Ukrainian military insists – primarily minimizes the risk of casualties due to lack of direct contact with the enemy, while at the same time wreaking havoc on their ranks.

This is another such attack by the Ukrainians, who have been valiantly defending themselves against the Russian invasion for more than a month.

The Russian military has lost about 17,000 people since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, according to estimates by civil servants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Soldiers, as well as 586 tanks, 302 artillery systems, 123 aircraft and 127 helicopters.

From February 24 to March 28, Russia also lost 1,000 jobs. 694 armored vehicles, 95 multi-rocket launchers, 54 anti-aircraft systems, 1 thousand. The balance sheet states that there are 150 cars, seven ships, 73 fuel tanks, 66 unmanned aerial vehicles and four short-range mobile ballistic missile systems.

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War in Ukraine. The most important events of the last day

The President of Ukraine for the first time gave an interview to representatives of the Russian media. He noted in it, among other things, the opinion of Jarosław Kaczyński, given during his visit to Kiev.

Zhelensky was asked about the idea of ​​a NATO peacekeeping mission in Ukraine. – I do not fully understand this proposal. We do not need a frozen conflict in the territory of our country – I explained it in a meeting with our Polish colleagues – he said.

– Fortunately or unfortunately, this is still our country, I am the president, so we will decide for now whether there will be other forces here – he added.

The rest of the text below the video.

Another round of talks is underway between Ukraine and Russia. Delegates will meet directly

During the next round of talks between the representatives of Ukraine and Russia via video link, it was decided to hold a meeting of the two delegates “live” in Turkey on March 28-30, said David Arachamia, one of the MPs and members. Ukrainian delegation on Sunday.

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– Our priorities in the negotiations are well known: Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are inviolable, “Zelenskiy said. – Effective security guarantees are essential. Of course, our goal is to bring peace and normalcy to our country as soon as possible, ”he said In his nightly message to the President of Ukraine.

The Russians abandoned their offensive in the Sumi area. They have a different plan

Civilians of the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced on Facebook on Sunday evening that the Russian military had abandoned its offensive in the city of Sumi and was trying to reorganize its units and divert them to other areas.

Photo: Onet

The war in Ukraine: the current situation on the front. The Russians abandoned their offensive in the Sumi area.

“Towards Słobożański the enemy abandoned offensive operations near the city of Sumi, reorganizing and trying to withdraw units in other directions” – it was written in the release.

At the same time, the staff added that the Russians continued their attacks on Kharkiv’s infrastructure. They are also trying to carry out offensive operations towards the city of Isiam.

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proof’s: Twitter / PAP / Onet

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