A Florida alligator loses its upper jaw named after the song “Jolene.”


Florida alligator Which spread quickly For losing most of her upper jaw, she was given an apt name inspired by the country song.

The creature was named “Jolene”, after Dolly Parton’s song “Jolene”, after a public invitation on social media.

The animal was discovered earlier this month in Seminole County and was captured by Gatorland amusement park and wildlife sanctuary in Orlando.

The park asked for help online in naming the reptile, a 3- to 4-year-old female that weighs about 18 pounds.

in the video Gatorland posted on Facebookits CEO Mark McHugh announced why they chose the name based on the hit tune being played Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

“This little alligator is an absolute treasure, and we love her so much, but another American treasure is Dolly Parton,” McHugh said.

“One name that seemed obvious to us and that we really liked was the take on one of Dolly’s famous songs, so we’re going to name this little crocodile Jawlene.”

A Florida alligator that lost most of its upper jaw has been named “Jolene” after Dolly Parton hit “Jolene.”
Facebook/Gatorland Orlando

Park staff are unsure why the animal was missing part of its jaw.

“I don’t know exactly what happened. “It could have been a number of things, it could have been another alligator, maybe even a boat propeller because it’s a very clean hit, but it shut down, and it was eating,” Mike Hillman, Gatorland manager, said. News 6 said.

He continued: “This is not the first type of crocodile we have encountered with this type of injury.”

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Gatorland CEO Mark McHugh announced the naming news.
Facebook/Gatorland Orlando

“We have had several others and have been able to keep them healthy and growing. They are now a year old and I see no further reasons why they cannot do the same.

The crocodile went viral after photos of it spread on social media, but Hillman says she remains “very humble” at the moment.

“I mean she’s getting a lot of attention right now. I hope it doesn’t get to her head and she becomes a little diva.” He told WINK News.

“But now she is very good and very humble.”

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