2022 War. Kremlin: Ukraine wants talks in Warsaw, not Minsk

Russia informs Ukraine of agreeing to negotiations; A spokesman for the Kremlin said on Friday that the Russian delegation included representatives from the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Defense and the administration of the President. Dmitry Peskov. He referred to it as the place of speaking Minsk.

A spokesman for the Kremlin announced that he was in charge of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko He promised Vladimir Putin“Minsk is ready to create all the conditions necessary for the negotiation process between Russia and Ukraine.”

Peskov also said that the proposal was made by the Ukrainian side Warsaw As a place for conversation, then Communication broken. In his words, there is now a gap on the Ukrainian side and “It will take a very long time“.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakarova He said Friday that negotiations do not mean so-called goals are shifting military action, but “still valid.”


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