Russian Political Scientist: Putin Has Pre-Christian Syndrome

– Putin lost control of the situation. He is no longer admired – said Andriy Piontkovsky, a columnist on Espresso TV.

The political scientist insisted that there are always “crazy fascists” – ready to fight to the end and use nuclear weapons, but there are also “cautious cynics” in their environment who are not impressed by Putin.

Piontkowski noted that he expected Cherson’s release to be the signal for the final showdown of “those spiders in a jar.” “I would call it the ‘pre-Chersonian syndrome’, which has now reached Putin’s bunker,” he assessed.

According to the expert, the fact that Russia turned to Iran for military aid in hopes of buying drones from Iran to use in its war with Ukraine says a lot about the “current, pathetic situation in Moscow.”

The Ukrainians announced a counterattack. “We gather a million players”

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said, “Ukraine is amassing a million-strong army equipped with Western weapons. Restore the lands occupied by Russia in the south of the country“These words were spoken in an interview with The Times. One of the cities in these regions is Kherson. Its residents are careful“Russians are frustrated by the loss of Snake Island, and Vladimir Putin’s military leadership would not have survived the loss of the city.”

Source: Espresso, UNIAN

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