Zhelensky: Signals of negotiations are positive, but they will not drown out Russian missile explosions

“The signals are positive, but they will not sink the explosions of Russian missiles,” Volodymyr Zhelensky noted in the peace talks with Russia on Tuesday evening. He also called for sanctions to be strengthened until “true peace.”

In a telegram, Zhelensky assured that the Ukrainian authorities had seen all the dangers. They see no reason to believe the words spoken by government representatives who will continue the war against Ukraine. He reiterated that Kiev was ready to speak.

Russian troops must leave the occupied territories. Sovereignty and territorial integrity must be guaranteed – he insisted and promised There can be no compromise on sovereignty and territorial integrity.

As he noted, the only guarantee of Ukraine’s survival is its armed forces, intelligence and those involved in the country’s security.

I am sure you have seen today the news that the Russian Ministry has reportedly decided to reduce combat operations in the Kiev and Chernivtsi directions. Well, the same can be said about Sornobovka – the Russian Air Force simply decided to reduce aircraft, and Russian equipment should run less. Zhelensky said.

Sornobayvka is an airport in the Kerson region. Russian troops using the airport as a base for helicopters have already suffered heavy casualties there.

I am grateful to all of our guards and all the guards; Anyone who provides security in Kiev. It is their courageous and effective actions that drive the enemy in this direction – Added. But you can not be vigilant. The situation has not been easy. The scale of the challenges has not diminished The president said. According to him, the Russian military still has considerable potential to continue its offensive against Ukraine.

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The question of sanctions (removal) should not even be raised until this war is over – Said the President of Ukraine.

Barriers need to be strengthened. It should be done every week and it should be standard. Not just for introductory headlines, but for real silence – He insisted.

The President of Ukraine announced that a panel of international experts has begun work to evaluate the effectiveness of sanctions against Russia. On the Ukrainian side, its coordinator is Andrzej Ermak, head of the presidential cabinet and, internationally, former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFall.

Zhelensky also referred to the rocket attack on the seat of regional authorities in Nikolai, where – according to the latest data – 12 were killed and 33 were injured. The Ukrainian leader compared the actions of the Russians to the actions of the Nazis. He recalled that on March 28, 1944 the city was liberated from their hands.

Zelenskiy promised that all citizens will receive compensation for damaged apartments and houses. Ukrainian authorities have begun the possibility of an electronic report on such losses.

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