Zelensky’s important meeting. He spoke about Ukraine’s entry into NATO

“I’m very happy with this meeting, it’s a very deep conversation,” Germak wrote on social media on Sunday.

The head of Zelensky’s cabinet asserted that Henry Kissinger was a supporter of Ukraine’s admission to NATO and wrote “accurate quotes describing the current situation in the war with Russia.”

Ukraine in NATO? Kissinger’s clear position

“Before this war, I was against Ukraine’s membership in NATO. Now that the process has reached this stage, the concept of a neutral Ukraine has no meaning,” Yermak quoted Kissinger as saying, “and he is now one of the lobbyists for Ukraine’s (membership) in NATO.” .

Continuation of the material below the video

“Russia is trying to destroy the world order, violate the United Nations Charter, impose its own conspiracy and interpretation of the rules,” Yermak said, adding that “Ukraine’s membership in the alliance is the best investment in Europe’s security for many years.”

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