Zelensky: What Lukashenka is doing is dangerous

“That signal is alarming, and I think we’ll see the outcome of those signals,” he said Zelensky During a press conference with the Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

– In my opinion, he should not involve Belarus in Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and violate all international agreements, international law – said the President of Ukraine.

I think it is no secret to anyone that rockets were launched into our country from the territory of Belarus. As far as I know, Lukashenka gave signals anyway that some rockets were flying against his will, Zelensky noted.

On Sunday, during Belarus’ Independence Day celebrations, Lukashenka spoke about the war in Ukraine, which he called a “special operation”.

– They accuse us of being the only country that supports Russia in the fight against Nazism (this is how Russian propaganda explains the aggression against Ukraine). We supported Russia and we will support it – Lukashenka said.

He continued, “The Union of Belarus and Russia has long had a joint body of troops, Practically an army“.

– I have long defined our participation in this special activity. On the first day of this operation. When I said that we will not allow anyone to shoot a Russian in the back – Lukashenka said.

Ukrainian military officials insist that there are currently no signs of formation of offensive groups on Belarus’ borders with Ukraine and that there is no immediate threat of an attack from this direction. However, as they judge, The risk of the Belarusian army entering the territory of Ukraine remains. The army talks about possible provocations from neighboring countries.

– If the command of our army withdraws troops from certain places before it has the greatest fire advantage over the enemy, This is especially true for LisiczańskaIt means only one thing: thanks to our tactics, thanks to modern weapons – the President of Ukraine said in his Sunday speech posted on social media.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army announced on Sunday that Ukrainian armed forces were forced to withdraw from their positions after heavy fighting for Lisichansk in the Luhansk region. It also stated that this decision was taken to protect the lives of Ukrainian soldiers.

Ukraine did not return anything – continued Zelensky – if someone in Moscow today says something about the Luhansk region, let him recall his words and promises before February 24, from the first days of this invasion, in the spring and now – he said.

The Russian commanders “must really judge what they have achieved and how much money they have paid this time. Because the current reports will turn to dust as they did. We are gradually advancing – in the Kharkiv and Kherson seas: Serpent Island is a good example of this. The day will come when we will also tell about Donbass“.

The Ukrainian president also said that the Russian economy had found itself Biggest crisis in 50 years. “The world refuses to engage with Russia. The words “lack”, “scarcity” and “poverty” characterize Russian life until it remains a terrorist state.

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