Zelensky dismissed one of the most important commanders of the Ukrainian army

Zelensky’s decree is dated February 26, 2023. It did not specify the reasons for his dismissal.

Moskalyov was appointed commander of the combined armed forces in the first month Russian invasion – March 15, 2022. He replaced Oleksandr Pavlyuk at this ceremony as head of the military administration of the Kiev region.

Edward Moscaglio holds the rank of Major General.

In early February, it was reported that Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov would be fired. On February 5, President David Arakmia, the leader of the party He also announced that Reznikov would be transferred He will be replaced by General Kyrillo Budanov, the current head of Ukrainian military intelligence.

This information was reported by Ukrainian and world media. A day later Arakmia took back her words, writes “There will be no personnel changes in the Ministry of Defense this week.” Reznikov remains in his post to this day.

In recent weeks, President Zelensky has described the military situation in the east of the country as “difficult” and “painful,” according to Reuters.

Currently, the Russians are concentrating their efforts on the city of Bagmuth and are making further attacks, although they are suffering heavy losses there.

The headquarters of the Ukrainian army reported that Russian troops launched several unsuccessful attacks in the Bagmud region on Sunday.

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