Zelensky degrades two Ukrainian generals and calls them “traitors”

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky He said during a speech Friday night that he had demoted two of his generals, calling them “traitors.”

Elusive leadership in the upper echelons Ukraine government It comes as its war with Russia extended on Friday to its 37th day.

“Today another decision has been made. Regarding the heroes. Now I don’t have time to deal with all the traitors. But gradually they will all be punished.” Zelensky said.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky speaks from Kyiv, Ukraine, Thursday evening.
(Ukrainian Presidential Press Office via AP)

Russia invades Ukraine: live updates

“For this reason, the former head of the Main Department of Internal Security of the Ukrainian Security Service Naumov Andrey Olehovich and the former head of the Office of Security Services of Ukraine in the Kherson region Serhiy Oleksandrovich are no longer generals,” he continued.

Zelensky did not explicitly state the reason for the demotion of generals, but said: “According to Article 48 of the disciplinary system of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, these soldiers are among the high-ranking officers who have not decided where their homeland is, violating the military oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people [in regard to] The protection of our state, its freedom and independence will inevitably be deprived of the highest military ranks. Random generals don’t belong here! ”

Current Russian military activity in Ukraine.

Current Russian military activity in Ukraine.
(Fox News)


During the speech, Zelensky also told the Ukrainians that “there will be battles in the future” and “we still have a very difficult cover road to get everything we strive for.”

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He added that “the invaders allocate their sick creations in the temporarily occupied areas in the Kherson region.” “Also in the Donbass, in Mariupol, in the direction of Kharkiv, Russian forces are amassing the possibilities of strikes. Powerful blows.”

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