Zełeński’s adviser assesses Germany’s approach to the Nord Stream 1 turbine

– By insisting on this turbine, Germany does the opposite of what Ukraine wants to achieve, namely the pressure of economic sanctions, less dependence on Russia – says Alexander Rodnyansky, adviser to the President of Ukraine in the context of repatriation to Germany. A turbine serviced in Canada for the Russian Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline.

Gazprom issued a statement, while Germany remained silent. This is about Nord Stream

Gazprom, the Kremlin-controlled Russian energy company, released a statement saying it “can no longer guarantee …

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– We would like to see a different behavior here – emphasized Rodniański. – Germany must act very decisively and quickly. Otherwise, it will cost the EU more. This is evident from the fact that Putin can finance his war and even build up reserves thanks to rising commodity prices.
So Russia is in a position to threaten Germany more like a Canadian turbine. – added.

Reminded that Economy Minister Habeck argues that the failure to deliver the turbines, and the failure to restart the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, would affect security of supply in Germany and raise concerns about exploding energy prices in the winter, Rodnyansky replied: “There is. There is a war in Ukraine, people are dying, land is occupied. A different level of problems faced there. When rich Europe, in this case Germany, worries about rising energy costs, I can only say: in a rich country you can deal with it.
If peace in Europe is at stake, that is the price to be paid“.

When Volodymyr Zelensky asked whom he would call now, hoping for a kind ear and support, an adviser to the President of Ukraine said, “We don’t want to build a list of trusted partners, we talk to everyone. But which countries support us the most and are as loyal as possible in all matters is also an open secret. These are mainly the Baltic States, Poland and Great Britain.
Of course, Europe continues to support us, but unfortunately there are always difficulties with some countries, for example the supply of weapons or financial aid, with whom we have to negotiate a lot.

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