YouTube shows progress on premium feature requests

Plus, announcing the latest feature for Premium subscribers today, YouTube Shared updates At the top of feature requests.

For starters, YouTube is “improving the downloading experience by addressing issues with device storage.”

This will remain an evergreen workflow for the YouTube team.

The team is also working on “making premium controls more accessible” by requiring “fewer clicks.” Today, you’ll see a pill-shaped “Premium Controls” button in the lower left corner of the player when watching music videos. This opens a page with more controls for playback, speed, quality, and static volume.

For all other types of content, they can be accessed by popping up the settings icon in the top right corner > clicking the gear > Additional settings > Featured controls.

YouTube is also addressing “an issue where the Continue Watching feature doesn’t apply to queue (and only applies to videos you’re watching).”

Google also mentioned how it wants “members to enjoy a high-quality viewing experience.” YouTube noted the recent launch of 1080p enhanced bitrate.

In addition to premium features, YouTube is expanding “current offerings to more regions” and “introducing new plans and exploring ways for you to share your benefits with friends in the future.” Today, there is only YouTube Premium Family ($22.99 per month for “up to 5 family members living at the same residential address”).

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