YouTube crackdown on Adblockers makes videos unwatchable

It was YouTube At war with ad blockers For some time now different methods have been used to keep users away from those extensions. Its latest defensive strategy is Skip right to the end for the video you are playing. If you try to restart it, it will do it again. If you click anywhere on the timeline, the video will be cached indefinitely. here What it looks like in action.

This is not its first attempt to limit ad blockers on the platform. I used to be loyal Adblock User, but I had to disable the extension to get YouTube to work on my laptop. As far as I can remember, one of its first steps was to send a pop-up warning saying: “Video playback is blocked unless YouTube is on the allowed list or ad blocker is disabled.” However, users can close that pop-up and resume watching their videos.

Next, try making the videos unplayable by showing a loading screen that never ends. Then she refused to do it and did it Immovable prompt pop up To disable the ad blocker.

This last step is frustrating, and that’s the point. There was a time when their ads were acceptable, but with… Recent increase in advertising On the video platform, users find it extremely difficult to watch a 20-second non-skippable ad followed by a 5-second skippable ad. The ad’s running time doesn’t match the length of the video, which makes it even more awkward.

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Google realizes its monopoly on the video sharing industry and has done just that Prices for the ad-free premium tier have been raised To $14 per month. It also expanded its campaign on mobile devices, resulting in buffering issues and error messages for users who dare to use an ad blocker on their phones.

So far, AdBlock, one of the most popular ad blockers, has been handling YouTube’s actions well by tweaking its code and addressing every new strategy YouTube uses. This is how she managed to survive multiple crackdowns. But YouTube has also been able to quickly address these new changes in the years-long cat-and-mouse game between YouTube and AdBlock.

Users have also discovered Solutions. Some turn to AdBlock alternatives, like uBlock Origin, while others recommend browser alternatives like Brave to fix the problem. A few disappointed consumers are also considering saying goodbye to the platform. However, with no major video sharing platforms to serve as alternatives, I doubt their boycott will be sustainable.

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