“Young Sheldon” star Ian Armitage is mourning the death of his character’s father

Warning: This article contains spoilers Young SheldonSeason 7, Episode 12, “A New Home and Traditional Torture in Texas.”

Ian Armitage pays tribute to A Young Sheldon The regular left the CBS series this week.

In an Instagram post, the actor behind the event version of The Big Bang TheorySheldon Cooper paid his respects to his on-screen father, George Sr., played by Lance Barber. “Love you George! Love you Lance!!!” he wrote in his caption.

In the second episode in a row on Thursday, entitled “A New House and Traditional Torture in Texas.” Young Sheldon I fulfilled the prophecy he foretold The Big Bang Theory -The original comic series established that Sheldon’s father died when the central character was 14 years old. Now that Armitage’s iteration of the character in the CBS lead is already 14, Young Sheldon Fans knew it was only a matter of time before George dusted off.

Ian Armitage as Sheldon Cooper in Young Sheldon.

Bill Ennoshita/CBS via Getty Images

“A New Home and Traditional Texas Torture” saw George having a heart attack at work at the end of the episode. Executive producer Steve Holland explained the decision to tell the story on the show in an interview with diverse. “We wanted to do it in a way that would hopefully be a little surprising,” he said. “That’s why it happens at the end [episode 12] -We thought maybe we could catch people by surprise. Even though they know it’s coming, they probably won’t see it coming then.”

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Holland also told the outlet about Barber’s knowledge of his character’s departure. “It’s been known from the beginning of the show that George Sr. has an expiration date,” he said. “We slowed down time a little bit… We stretched one year into two seasons to keep Lance alive as long as possible. But he always knew this was coming.”

Lance Barber as George Cooper Sr. and Ian Armitage as Sheldon Cooper in Young Sheldon.

Bill Ennoshita/CBS via Getty

Holland continued, “And I also think the final season made it a little easier for him because there won’t be seasons coming up that he won’t be a part of, but it was great because he really wanted to be there.”

Young Sheldon The final two episodes will air on CBS next Thursday, May 16. Holland has teased how the sitcom will wrap things up after seven seasons. “You know, the Cooper family has to deal with their grief over the death of George Sr.,” he said. “Sheldon must prepare to begin his life’s journey at Caltech in California.”

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