You can now play Ocarina of Time like a ‘modern’ computer game

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When Nintendo fell The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Back in 1996, the gaming world changed irrevocably. The 3D action-adventure title revolutionized the genre, and inspired a whole new generation of games. While the game is still great in 2022 (it’s just It was launched on the Switch late last year as part of the Nintendo Switch expansion pack), but it’s clearly still a game of its time. But what if this is not the case?

Enter Harbor Mastersdevelopers who set out on their own adventure with the simple goal of making it ocarina of time Feel like a more modern gaming experience on PC. Their goal became possible Thanks to the fans who reverse engineered the game and converted it to C code., which is a two-year achievement. From there, Harbor Masters were able to create a port ocarina of time With HD graphics, widescreen, console noise, mod support, and more.

Unlike traditional outlets and fan remasters (which are often shut down by Nintendo), this version of ocarina of time It differs in that it does not actually include any of the game codes. Instead, the program called Harkinian shipdesigned to read the code from a separate ROM file, and then extract it to run a copy of the game for PC.

In jumping over that legal hurdle, the Harkinian ship allows you to play the original ocarina of time on your PC in a whole new way. This also means that in the future, the game can be expanded to support features such as 60 frames per second, HD models, texture packs, online play, and support for Linux and Mac. For now, the game is limited to PC, with the game running at the traditional 20fps found on the N64.

in order to play ocarina of time With Ship of Harkinian, you will need to provide your own ROM file. Knowing that Nintendo lawyers are watching, Harkinyan asserts that the ROM file must be obtained legally. To do this, however, you need to own the original N64 cartridge and have access to hardware that can extract the game file from the device. There are online resources to teach yourself How to build such an extractorbut if you haven’t done this kind of thing before, it can seem confusing.

Of course, the vast majority of people who play retro games on their PC don’t use legally sourced ROMs. One might do a simple Google search that leads to several websites that provide download links for almost any old game ROM that you can think of. But this of course would be wrong. (Although the industry has tried to crack down on these sites, it remains the leading way to play older games.)

We certainly won’t tell you to download a file ocarina of time ROM from the Internet. All we can say is that you need to provide your own ROM in order to get this PC port up and running. In addition, you will need a file correction ROM version (Not the Master Quest version).

With the patch ROM on hand, you need to download Ship of Harkinian from Servant of Discord. You will find the current build below # buildings channel. Make sure to check out the Read Me document, as it contains all the instructions for setting up and running your Ship of Harkinian program. Here is a direct link to Read Mewhich you can also find via messages pinned in a file #the support The discord channel as well as in the loading of the Harkinian ship.

There: Unzip the download file, then open OTRGui. Choose “Open OoT Rom”, choose “Single Thread”, then select your Ocarina of Time ROM. Let the system create an archive file for ROM. When done, open soh.exe to play.

Since this is not the simplest system in the world to run a game on your PC, you may encounter obstacles. If so, don’t be afraid to check out a file #the support channel on the dispute. Questions are pouring in as of this writing, so there are bound to be others dealing with the same issues. And you know what they say about the dangers of going it alone.


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