Yakuza developers love memes as much as you do

When you make a long-running series as weird and melodramatic as Sega’s Eclectic Yakuza / Like a dragon gamesThere’s no telling what players will stick with. Prime example? YakuzaThe creators of the series were very surprised when the players found Goro Majima, the powerful gangster in the series, Unfathomably attractive.

in A recent interview with Automated media At Tokyo Game Show, producers Masayoshi Yokoyama and Hiroyuki Sakamoto revealed that they try not to be influenced by foreign fans when creating content for games like Like the Dragon Jaden: The man whose name was erased. However, the duo couldn’t help but acknowledge three popular memes. here Like a dragon Favorite memes of producers from abroad – in this case, that means us!

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The popularity of the block is undeniable

duringAutomated mediaIn the interview, the developers admitted this Yakuza 0 (The best Yakuza Fight Me) exceeded their expectations as one of the most popular games in the series on Steam. Head between Yakuza 0The most popular characters are A rooster named Cluster. The nugget is no ordinary rooster. Nugget is one of the most OP managers in Yakuza 0‘s Royal Estate mini game. That’s right, these poultry turn businesses around and make money.

“I feel like animal types are very popular overseas. Other than that, for human characters, it’s mostly the same. I can tell from the sales of acrylic pieces,” Yokoyama said. “When we apply to an outside production company” to create a clip Exciting Video”, they always include Nugget. Also that sheep man from Like a dragon 7 [U.S. title: Yakuza: Like a Dragon]. It’s as if this is their weak point.”

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Nugget’s popularity eventually led to a guest role on developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s Fist of the North Star: Paradise Lost Game.


Kiryu’s old flame Sayama has a lot of die-hard fans

One of the most surprising memes (at least for Yokoyama and Sakamoto) is… Yakuza Base’s undying love for the old flame of protagonist Kirio Kazuma, Kaoru Sayama. Sayama is a police officer from Yakuza 2 And its new edition Yakuza Kiwami 2. Besides being one of the only female characters who fought alongside Kiryu, Sayama was also one of Kiryu’s love interests. In between beating up bad guys in the street, Kiryu and Sayama went on a cute date and shared two long and very passionate kisses. And that’s until the beginning Yakuza 3When she moved to America she was never seen again.

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Sayama will eventually make her triumphant return to the series as a character Pounds (auxiliary character) in A Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Tractor. During the interview, Sakamoto recalled being surprised by fans at RGG Summit 2023 screaming Sayama’s name during a cutscene in which Kiryu tells fellow protagonist Ichiban Kasuga that One time I proposed to someone. a lot Yakuza Fans, myself included, assumed Kiryu was talking about Sayama and were very natural about our son finally getting some sort of development in his stagnant love life.

“For me, Sayama was just a ‘long-ago woman’ from a previous title, but among overseas fans, there were people asking if she would appear again, so I was very surprised,” Yokoyama said. “And now, when she appeared among the Poundmates in the promo, everyone said, ‘She knew it, there she is!’” It’s a strange feeling for me, because I don’t remember Sayama mentioning much to me at all in Japan.

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Sayama x Kiryu shippers would be wise not to get their hopes up about Sayama making a big appearance LaD: Infinite wealth. in Previous interview with Play againYokoyama revealed that Kiryu only mentioned that he had suggested to someone in the past to follow the flow of the conversation he was having with Ichiban and calm him down about his failed proposal with party member Seiko Mokuda. loss.

The “Kiryu never killed anyone” meme is big in both countries

By far the most prolific meme in Yakuza The fandom is cognitively dissonant over the fact that Kiryu definitely has undead people throughout the series despite saying otherwise. YakuzaThe producers of the product can’t help but admit how funny it is.

“Kiryu never killed anyone.” [meme] “It’s very popular overseas, but I think it’s also very funny for Japanese people,” Sakamoto said. “Instead of just one thing going viral, it’s like all kinds of scenes are being used in all kinds of contexts online.”

Sega/Giant Testie XD

Off the top of my head, I can recount several times when Kiryu Drop kicked people out of the windows of high-rise buildings, smashed someone with a katana, or smashed a bad guy’s face in with a metal bat. There is no way the doctors in Kamurocho could bring someone back from all this damage.

With everything new Yakuza The game comes with a new feature to add to the “Kiryu Never Killed Anyone” folder, and I can only hope the meme spirals out of control even further. Like the dragon Jaiden And Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Like the Dragon Jaden: The man whose name was erased It will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth It will come to the same platforms on January 26.

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