Wrexham: Paul Rudd joins Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhinney in winning promotion

  • Written by Brendon Williams, Peter Gillibrand, and Jack Gray
  • in the racetrack

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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney celebrate Wrexham’s win

Hollywood star-spectators along with lifelong fans celebrated as the star-owned club Wrexham returned to the Football League on Saturday.

Actor Paul Rudd joined famous owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhinney to watch Welsh club Wrexham come from behind to beat Boreham Wood 3-1.

There were tears of joy between the fans and the owners as Wrexham returned to the Football League after 15 years.

Paul Mullin’s two goals created a festive atmosphere at the racetrack.

At the final whistle, emotional Wrexham fans took to the pitch as the Hollywood owners – who made the club world-famous with their Disney + We Are Wrexham documentary – cried into the directors’ box.

At half-time the staff at Maesgwyn Hall, where many fans were watching the match, said they had sold 6,600 pints so far and needed more barrels to go until the end of the match.

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Paul Rudd shared a pint with the Wrexham fans before the big game

However, it wasn’t clear for a nervous Wrexham, who were tied 1-1 at half-time, with fans saying, “It’s okay, but we can do a lot better. It was a bit difficult from us in our defence. . . . To be much better… I’m tense, very nervous.”

“I’m nervous,” said her nine-year-old daughter, Madison. “They’re fine, not bad.”

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Philippa Smith watches the match with her nine-year-old daughter, Madison

Both of them were also on the field for the match.

Rudd was seen chatting with fans, taking photos, and singing songs before the big game.

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Wrexham fans were shocked to see the Hollywood actor come to the pub – though maybe they’re used to him by now?

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He was seen talking to the locals – perhaps discussing tactics?

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A few fans took the opportunity to take a selfie

Mayer Roberts, 81, and her brother William Griffiths, 83, have been attending the Wrexham Games for the 100 years between them.

Speaking before kick-off, William said he had been supporting Wrexham “for 60 odd years”, and asked how today compared to the last six decades, he replied: “It’s unbelievable, isn’t it? Our owners are fantastic.”

Sister Meyer had been coming for 40 years, predicting a 3-1 win for Wrexham. If they were promoted, she said she would “dance the night away”.

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Mayer Roberts and William Griffiths have been going to the Wrexham Games for 100 years

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Wrexham: Singing Fans Confident Party Promotion

After Notts County’s title victory over Maidstone earlier, just one point separates the two sides after a record-breaking season.

When he faced the club earlier this month, it was a penalty saved in the last minute by former Premier League goalkeeper Ben Foster that sealed victory for Wrexham.

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Ben Foster met fans outside the racetrack before the match

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Co-owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhinney are both at the track for the match

Going to the game with his father Doug, nine-year-old Sonny said he had never known such an exciting day.

Before the match, he said, “I’m quite confident, a little bit nervous, but I think we’re going to win… I’m really excited, I’m full of excitement.”

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Sonny said he was confident Wrexham would win 2-1

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Only a win against Boreham Wood will see Wrexham Gorante promoted

Paris Trow, director of Maesgwyn Hall in Wrexham, said the town had changed dramatically over the last few years since the takeover.

She added “It’s just so busy, the number of people coming in… Everybody’s talking about Wrexham. It’s just crazy”.

“She does so much for the Welsh language, for Wales, for Welsh culture, and everything in general. She’s absolutely amazing.”

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Paris Trow is the manager of Maesgwyn Hall, Wrexham, and is open to fans to watch the match

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