Winter attack in the United States. Canceled flights and train connections. No electricity

“Snow and snow began to fall just before sunrise over parts of North Carolina. States such as Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi, which did not generally experience severe winters, experienced severe snowfall and ice.“- NPR Public Radio reported.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has warned of more than 30 centimeters of snow in some areas.

The journey becomes difficult. Georgia officials in the morning, both Caroline and Virginia Declared a state of emergency. People in the area have been asked not to leave the road without an urgent need. In addition to the rapid accumulation of snow and ice, strong winds are expected to knock down trees and break power lines, making it even more dangerous to drive, ”the NPR stressed.

According to the FlightAware website About 2,500 flights were canceled in the United States on Sunday. Due to the blizzard, Amtrak Railways canceled dozens of trains Weekend and Monday.

Also, the power outage began to occur. More than 109,000 people were without electricity at one point in Georgia on Sunday morning, according to the Resistance website. Recipients. In South Carolina, it reached 89,000. Customers, in Florida – 31 thousand, and in North Carolina – 16 thousand.

According to meteorologists The blizzard will move north on Sunday night and Monday morning. They range from the Ohio Valley to New England.

In New York City, less than 2.5 cm of snow is expected, but in New York State and neighboring New Jersey, several inches of white dust can be seen. Con Edison Energy Companies in New York warned of a possible power outage on Sunday.

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