Will Ukraine abandon its ambition to join NATO? An exciting suggestion

At Stephen Nolan’s event, the ambassador was asked if Kiev was considering abandoning NATO membership plans, even though they were enshrined in the Ukrainian constitution. “Ukraine can make such a decision, especially if we are threatened, intimidated and pushed in this direction,” he said.

The statement from the Ukrainian ambassador to London came later Ukraine called for a meeting with Russia in the next 48 hours. It will take place at a broad panel of states that are parties to the OSCE Vienna document. Kiev wants escalating tensions on the Russian-Ukrainian border to be the topic. Russia has ignored earlier formal requests to clarify the issue of troop mobilization, according to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba.

The Kremlin has denied plans to invade Ukraine, despite already having 100,000 troops on its borders. However, Western nations warn that Moscow is preparing for an invasion Signals are coming in from WashingtonIt can start “at any time”.

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Source: BBC

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