Will the war in Ukraine not end? “Get ready, brothers Moldovan and Cossacks”

Secretary of the National Security and Security Council of Ukraine Oleksi Danilov has warned that the war provoked by Russia will not end in Ukraine. As he said, Kazakhstan and Moldova must also be prepared for a Russian attack.

I am sure the war will not end in our country. There will be many more things – Danilov announced in an interview with Icelandic television, citing the Ukrainian agency Ukrinform.

Until I think wrongly, Lavrov said in recent days that the Kazakhs are brothers, so they too must be prepared for aggression. The Moldovan brothers. Get ready, Moldovan and Kazakh brothers – Danilov added.

Dr. Director of the Center for Eastern Studies. Adam Eberhardt spoke on RMF FM this morning about the possibility of a possible Russian attack on Moldova.

Moldova is helpless, has lost its military, is very weak economically, and is very divided internally, so from a Russian point of view it is a big target that will be on the side of Ukraine. Eberhard was saying. But – As he mentioned – First, the Russian army must reach the borders of Moldova.

As the guest of RMF FM stressed, “Russia will not only occupy Moldova with Transnistria”. But, in the coming weeks or months, if it occupies a part of the province of Odessa, Moldova will actually fall like a domino. – Added.

In the same interview for Icelandic television, Danilov also spoke about the besieged Mariupol. Everyone (Mariupol’s bodyguards) are heroes, everyone there. If they had had little chance of being released in view of the military action, it would have been accomplished. Unfortunately, at present we do not have enough heavy weapons and ammunition. If we had, the President would have issued the order and believe that such an action would have taken place Danilov said.

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Mariupol, who was completely destroyed by the Russians, is experiencing one of the greatest humanitarian disasters. The Azovstel Group is at the center of the Ukrainian resistance, where the Azov Regiment of the Ukrainian National Guard and the 36th Independent Navy are defending themselves. More than 40 soldiers were seriously injured at the plant, according to Deputy Prime Minister Irina Versuk. Pascal Hunt, president of the Red Cross in Mariupol, said there were still undecided numbers of civilians trapped in the city.

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