“Who's next,” said the Russian general. There is a record

A recording allegedly heard by State Duma Deputy General Andrei Kurulov has been circulating in the media. – Cossacks will be next. The solution is already ready, he said in a recorded address to his colleagues from the Security Council. He is also said to have cursed.

The Russian general explains himself. “hostile misinformation”

Andrei Kurulov denies these reports. He posted a video on his Telegram channel in which he claims the recording was manipulated. He said it was “outrageous misinformation”.

However, on April 2, when Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) raided a drone factory in Russian Tatarstan near the border with Kazakhstan, a Russian general estimated that the drone may have been launched from the country's territory.

Astana vehemently denied this. The Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan reported: “Information spread on some Telegram channels claiming that drones were launched from the territory of Kazakhstan and the facilities of the Republic of Tatarstan were attacked are false.”

Kazakhstan has repeatedly shown its opposition to the Kremlin. In November 2023, the country's authorities decided to block the Sputnik 24 website with Russian TV channels. Earlier in October, Kazakhstan joined the technical sanctions imposed on the Kremlin.

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