Whoopi Goldberg admits she’s ‘glad to be alive’ as she celebrates her 68th birthday on The View after a series of ‘difficult’ health scares

By Kirsty McCormack for Dailymail.Com

22:25 13 November 2023, updated 22:26 13 November 2023

Whoopi Goldberg has revealed she’s happy to be alive, telling fans it’s a “privilege” to get older as she celebrated her 68th birthday on The View after a series of recent health scares.

The Oscar winner also referenced her late brother Clyde, who died of a brain aneurysm in May 2015, and said she makes sure to celebrate every year “for all those people” who haven’t reached their late 60s.

“It’s important because I feel lucky to have lived to this age because I’ve outlived my brother,” she said. ‘I’m older than my brother [when he died]And I feel like I should celebrate and have a good time for all these people who couldn’t make it here.

Host Ana Navarro said the Sister Act star was “looking good” and praised her for overcoming her health struggles.

Whoopi Goldberg admitted she feels happy to be alive and said it was a “privilege” to be getting older as she turns 68 on Monday.
The Sister Act star referenced her older brother Clyde who sadly passed away, at the age of 66, from a brain aneurysm in May 2015.
Ana Navarro praised Whoopi for ‘looking good’ and ‘doing well’ after her health struggles

‘You’ve had a hard time, haven’t you? Health-wise, it’s been a really challenging few years, and to see you looking this good, feeling this good and doing this well, it’s really great. said the old one.

Whoopi replied, “I’m glad I’m alive, everyone!” I’m happy to be here. You know, age is really…it will happen if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to do it. If that happens, it’s a privilege.

The actress was diagnosed with a bout of double pneumonia and sepsis in February 2019, with doctors telling her she had a 30 percent chance of dying.

Whoopi had a drainage catheter placed to continuously remove fluid in the space between her lungs and the chest wall, and she had to take a six-week break from her hosting duties on The View.

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She has also tested positive for coronavirus three times, most recently in September, forcing her to miss the season premiere.

Whoopi’s birthday comes four weeks after her brother’s 75th birthday. She marked the date with a tribute on Instagram, sharing a black-and-white photo of the pair.

“Today is my big brother Clyde’s birthday and I miss him,” she wrote on October 17. “Happy birthday bro!”

At Monday’s show, a Willy Wonka-inspired cake and bottles of prosecco were served as the panel celebrated Whoopi’s “favorite things.”

Whoopi, pictured in 2019, has suffered from various health problems in the past few years including pneumonia and sepsis.

After wrapping up the festivities, the ladies discussed 62-year-old model Carol Alt, who recently revealed to DailyMail.com that she has decided to join OnlyFans.

Whoopi asked the ladies if it made them think about posting sexy photos online, but Sarah Haines, 46, wasn’t a fan, telling her hosts: “She was a model…things I’ve never been able to do in my life, so I think I’ll skip this part because the things I want to do as I get older are, like scuba diving and being covered from head to toe in a wet suit… anything that covers that body, I’m here for it!’

Sunny Hostin added: “I love it for her! If you love it, I love it for you, and I think it will make a lot of people feel like they can do it because I’m 55 years old.” Now and in this work In particular – and in a lot of companies – any woman over 50 dies, you know?

“They want you to think that, ‘I feel more alive now than ever,’ and I’m not She does, but I like that she does it.

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Anna said: ‘I really like the part where she said that this was the first time in her life where she owned her career, where she had agency over the photos that were chosen, and the photographer that was chosen.

“I was amazed at how much money you can make from this stuff!”

Sunny added: “Oh, it’s delicious!”

The panel then joked that Whoopi could sign up for OnlyFans too and pose with a bottle of prosecco.

Model Carol Alt recently revealed that she decided to join OnlyFans at the age of 62

On Monday, Carole posted her first OnlyFans photo, looking stunning in a Playboy outfit featuring a low-cut black corset, white cuffs and a matching collar.

The blue-eyed star wore her dark hair slicked back into a bun and completed her look with black earrings and shiny gold eye shadow while covering her cleavage with her right arm.

Speaking about her decision to join the subscription service, Carol told DailyMail.com: ‘Life is about being a rebel.’ Life experience is a powerful tool if channeled properly.

OnlyFans is the next generation of revenue generating content. It’s important to own your content. Platforms like this are the future. Always move with the times.

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