What the universe will provide for each zodiac sign from June 24 to 30, 2024

The week of June 24, 2024 offers a lot of powerful energy starting with the Moon in Aquarius conjunction with Pluto earlier in the week, bringing more changes and profound evolution. The Moon will enter Pisces midweek, creating a beautiful story that will continue to play out during the upcoming Saturn retrograde that begins on the 29th. Saturn will be stationed direct on November 15, 2024, giving us plenty of time to reflect and expand on the lessons we will learn.

Over the next few months, we will reiterate some critical messages that must resonate in a new way so we can let go and move forward. This is the perfect opportunity to journal and see the changes we want to implement and the personal transformations we aim to achieve. Finally, the Moon in Aries sweeps us away, bringing with it feelings full of ambition and passion over the weekend.

What the universe will offer each sign in the period between June 24 and 30, 2024

Aries: Recalibration


You start the week feeling inspired by your creativity as you explore your artistic side. If you doubt your abilities, you can expect to feel more self-confident this week with the Moon in Aquarius allowing you to celebrate and appreciate all that you have accomplished.

The Pisces moon may make you think about many things, and when Saturn stations retrograde, it will be an opportunity for you to explore new things. A dream scene or a good book will be one of the places where you will feel freer during this period to learn how to give yourself a break when you are stressed.

Daily prompt: Have you stressed yourself out in the past six months? When was the last time you had a relaxing day off? Discuss how you will incorporate time for yourself this week.

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Taurus: Alliances


A week of victories and accolades awaits you with the moon in Aquarius and moving into Pisces, reminding you that you are a star when you believe in yourself and your work. The energy this week may make you feel focused and a little optimistic, and it’s the perfect time to come back to yourself.

The main topic of this week will be Saturn retrograde on the 29th. It can be a transit that makes you think about the people in your life who have supported you as well as how cooperative you are with others. Saturn may bring some changes in your dynamics with friends.

Daily prompt: How have you been there for others in the past six months? Have you reconnected with old friends?

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Gemini: Personal growth


You enjoy the energy of the moment and how it brings you transformative qualities during Saturn’s transit in Pisces. Get ready for more growth and learning now that the Sun has entered Cancer season. There’s still a lot of work to do, but you feel prepared because Jupiter provides you with a valuable blueprint for staying ahead.

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However, the week could also bring a dose of reality with Saturn retrograde, reinforcing some of the themes you’ve encountered over the past year regarding your responsibilities and motivations. It is a period to evaluate your direction as well as how you want to expand in your personal growth.

Daily prompt: Did you focus on your personal needs? What has Jupiter in Gemini taught you so far? What drives you to succeed?

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Cancer: self-love


The transformations happening now make you feel more engaged with the people around you. Your birthday season promises to bring you some excitement and happiness as long as you allow it.

Expect surprises and healing with Jupiter in Gemini removing negative energy from you and bringing in beautiful new chapters. Saturn’s transit in Pisces may bring more magic because it can show you how to prioritize yourself more, allowing you to see that you are worthy of shining.

Daily prompt: Discuss the ways you showed yourself love in the past week. Did you spend time with friends? What gift would you like to give yourself during your birthday season or during the coming year?

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Leo: Routine


Things seem to be a lot easier to control now as the Sun in Cancer reminds you to relax. If you are in a relationship, this week could be romantic and full of charming energy. You will see how your communications and personal relationships develop. Single people have the opportunity to socialize and think about what they would like in a future relationship.

With Saturn retrograde on the 29th, you may start to feel like a warrior and a hero ready to take on the world. With the love and passion you have by your side, you may feel unstoppable.

Daily prompt: Think about the growth you have achieved over the past year and how you have overcome challenges. Do you feel more powerful? Discuss hobbies or activities that boost your self-confidence.

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Virgo: awareness


Saturn retrograde later in the week will test your relationships. The week begins with the Moon in Capricorn trine your sign, prompting you to be more aware when it comes to your romantic life.

Saturn’s energy continues with the Moon in Aquarius, allowing you to work with others and have productive collaborations, but Saturn will serve as a reminder that you need to dissect your boundaries. The transit may also teach you the importance of effective communication and listening to others.

Daily prompt: How do you maintain your energy this year? Have your communication skills improved in the past year? Are you a good listener? If not, discuss how you would change this.

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Libra: Structure


Transits this week bring charm, tenderness, and excitement, bringing you comfort and optimism while awakening your potential. Set your sights on something bigger with the Moon in Aquarius explicating your creativity and joy.

With all this love, there can also be a new appreciation for your daily routine. Saturn stations retrograde, bringing about a moment in which you evaluate the changes needed to make your days more exciting. You’re feeling very optimistic with Jupiter in Gemini making you look on the bright side, so this could be an exciting change of pace.

Daily prompt: Discuss your daily routine. Are you satisfied with that? If not, how can you make it more charming?

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Scorpio: inspiration


Pieces of the puzzle begin to emerge this week with the Moon in Aquarius, allowing you to uncover some mysteries that may be related to the retrograde transit of Saturn. The creative energy you’ve been experiencing this season may be enhanced this week — a project at home could inspire you to do something new.

This may also be a good time to see the work you are doing through new eyes. Your self-confidence is up this week and this could be a productive time to reconnect with a project and create a plan that will allow you to stay on track. Saturn in Pisces pushes you to learn the valuable things needed to master any project or challenge.

Daily prompt: What are you focused on building over the next few weeks? Have you neglected any projects?

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Sagittarius: Trust


If you don’t feel connected to your potential, this week’s astrology may be effective. The Moon in Aquarius can help boost your self-confidence thanks to its connection with Pluto, confirming that you are talented and skilled in your field of work. The Moon in Pisces will reflect the retrograde transit of Saturn, allowing you to see your different levels of achievement.

The energy of communication as well as your career or career goals are amplified this week. The message for this week is to keep going up – you need to learn how to make good connections that will help you get to the next level.

Daily prompt: Are you second guessing yourself? Have you been hiding your light from others? Have you felt confident over the past six months? Discuss the moments in the past year that stood out to you.

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Capricorn: Height


You are ready for an educational week during which you will be more open to learning and exploring new terrain. You can also see the impact of your choices this week, so if there are any misunderstandings, you are more willing to talk about it with others.

With your ruler Saturn retrograde, this may be a good time to evaluate goals you may have set for yourself at the beginning of the year. It’s also the perfect time to reflect on what you’ve learned and what skills you might plan to continue mastering. Saturn wants you to rise up and you are willing to give it everything you have.

Daily prompt: How has your self-confidence changed over the past six months? What did you learn from your diplomacy? Are you honest with your feelings?

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Aquarius: Introspection


As you continue on this new path shaped by Pluto, you will be more aware of the people in your life as well as the influence your community has on you. You are developing your perspective on many things, which means your social circles are changing.

When Saturn stations retrograde later in the week, it’s the perfect period to check out. Think about your successes and failures over the past few months and piece together what you can learn from them.

Daily prompt: Have you been socializing a lot? How have the people in your life inspired you?

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Pisces: Transformation


As Saturn’s newest apprentice, your curiosity has reached a new peak as energy drives you to explore a new world. The ambitions you have now allow you to strive for greater things. Saturn continues to push you, and although the energy may seem challenging at times, you know you are on the right path.

Over the past year, you’ve revealed a lot of things about yourself and this retrograde transit will continue to help you transform. Saturn offers you a valuable guide that will not only continue to transform you, but will also teach you how to build a solid foundation so you can build upon it for years to come.

Daily prompt: Evaluate the successes you have achieved during this time. Where have you exercised the most discipline in the past six months? What things need to change?

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