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Wednesday, full moon in danger Capricorn It is the culmination of the work you have been doing for a long time now. Perhaps a major creative project is nearing completion, and perhaps personal growth is finally beginning to bear fruit. This is not necessarily End From anything, but you need to realize that you have come a long way and your efforts are not in vain. It’s also an opportunity to gain clarity about where you want to go next. You may find that your desires have changed while you weren’t looking. If they have, take this opportunity to be brave and step into the unknown.

If you find yourself frustrated with your work, and feeling down about yourself and your abilities, the problem may be that you are trying to do too much too quickly. When you set yourself impossible goals or unreasonable timetables a path You will end up disappointed. You may worry that a rush is necessary. But the time you spend exploring and learning is not lost as long as you keep moving forward, no matter how hard it may be. This week, find out what would happen if you took things a little slower, or committed to doing a little less. You may begin to make the progress you want. It can become fun again.

It’s not easy to be shaken by rudeness or hostility, but that doesn’t make it okay Until others treat you badly. You can keep yourself in the harshest of environments, but that doesn’t make you any less deserving of kindness and support. It’s easy to get used to things, to lower your expectations and move on. But this week, it’s important not to adjust so completely that you forget that it could be different, too. You have to resist and demand what is best.

Everywhere you turn, you see people doing their best to control each other’s lives, to reduce the world of endless possibilities to practically nothing. When you feel pessimistic, you wonder if it was worth resisting. But this week, your destiny will fade, and in its place will rise an untamed stubbornness. No one can dictate your life, or tell you what you are and what you are not capable of. You don’t know what the future holds, but you know that it will be the one you choose for yourself.

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Everyone, no matter how wise, expert, or meticulous they may be, needs a second opinion sometimes. We all get things wrong in ways that others can see but we can’t. The problem is that you can be a little stubborn in wanting to prove that you can succeed on your own. This week, do-it-yourself gently seek help and feedback from people you trust. You don’t get extra credit for refusing the help given, and you don’t get extra points for giving correct answers yourself. Let others support you, just as you do them, and it will make you both stronger in the end.

There are plenty of people out there who will try to foolishly try to convince you that you are perfect for believing that your life could be better, and that trying to make a change is a waste of energy. They will argue that resignation is the only reasonable option, and defeatism is sober wisdom. When you’re tired or frustrated, their arguments start to look compelling. But you are stronger than they realize. stronger than You are realize. Don’t give up on your vision just because others don’t have the courage to join you in it.

As the world around you grows more bleak, you worry that caring about your feelings is selfish. You cannot escape the suspicion that focusing on your emotional needs means letting go of everything outside of yourself, and that your own healing or personal happiness can only come at the expense of the collective. But this does not have to be true; We experience the highest levels and failures of our humanity – from small resentment to the excitement of new love – in bad times as well as in good times. There is no reason to feel guilty. Everyone benefits when we have the space to take care of ourselves.

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When you realize that you have truly misjudged or misjudged someone, changing your mind is one of the greatest pleasures of life and getting old. But when others pressure you to change, it may make you want to dig into your heels instead, to defend your hard-earned knowledge and experience into the world. This week, you are more than justified in resisting anyone trying to push you. But also remember how rewarding it is to develop and grow. Don’t be afraid of transformation. let it talk for you reformers.

Even though you know, intellectually, that’s not true, there is still a part of you that feels like your hardships are well deserved. Try to remember that the state of the world is such that almost everyone is struggling at the moment – and you are not responsible for the state of the world. And even if you made a mistake, what you need now is kindness, not blame. This week, if you need to, work on repairing your relationship with yourself. You can learn to be more tolerant, and more generous. You deserve that much, to say the least.

Lately, you can’t stop thinking about how close you are to your goals if only you started early. You regret all the time you could have spent developing certain skills, building a community around you, or just making money. You are dreaming of what would be different today if you had started working a year, two or ten years earlier than you did. But it’s important not to drown in regret and let your sad perceptions stop you from acting. It’s never too late to learn, grow, and make a change (even if it’s massive).

You just wish someone could give you a set of ultimate instructions on how to do a good job and be a good person. Life would be much simpler if there was one authority you could appeal to for their seal of approval, a way to get assurance that you are on the right track. Accept that there is no single right answer, and that in the end you have to trust your own judgment and values. This week, try to free yourself from the idea that there is a standard of human perfection to which you must live. All anyone can do is try, and that’s what you do.

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It is stressful, as you feel that you can never let your guard down, always afraid (not without reason) that others will take advantage of you as soon as they have the opportunity. While there are certainly cruel and fearful individuals in the world, it is not sustainable to live in a constant state of anxiety. This week, it is crucial to find places where you will be nurtured, and people you can relax with. The world is full of dangers, but that doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of human contact. If anything, it means you need it more than ever.

Hard work can be fun and interesting. Even though you may struggle, you are still full of determination, and you can tell that you are doing exactly what you were meant to do. Lately, though, you have the feeling that you’re screwing up, straining yourself to the point of exhaustion without making much progress or enjoying the ride. This week, your natural inclination may be to push harder than before and work your way forward. But keep in mind, instead, that what you really need is rest — a moment to breathe, refill your cup, and remember what you’re really doing for it.

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