We need more oil and gas, says Elon Musk, president of the world’s largest electric car company

Elon Musk – The Man Who Tesla and Tesla Solar have essentially dedicated their existence to competing with cars that consume a lot of gas, oil and coal, which for a brief period Reached a market cap of $1 trillion And the Delivery of nearly 1 million electric vehicles Last year – now in favor of publicly increasing oil and gas production.

He tweeted late Friday:

I hate to say it, but we need to ramp up oil and gas production right away.

Extraordinary times require extraordinary actions.

“Obviously, this will negatively affect Tesla, but sustainable energy solutions simply cannot react immediately to compensate for Russian oil and gas exports,” he added. Follow Tweet Nine minutes later. It likely points to the world’s remarkable dependence on Russian pipelines—a dependence that hasn’t stopped many governments from punishing Russia. After the invasion of Ukrainebut raised fears of rising energy prices, Especially in Europe.

it’s a always It’s hard to tell if Musk is just threatening, trolling, or actually putting plans into action when he posts things on Twitter, but it’s undeniable that he’s incredibly influential and that many of his 76 million followers take him seriously even when joking.

It’s not like oil and gas aren’t important to Musk’s plans either. Last year we reported how it works SpaceX wanted to explore for natural gas On land near Starship facilities in Texas. Electricity does not launch Musk missiles from the ground.

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“I do not support the demonization of the oil and gas industry,” Mask told Joe Rogan on his podcast last year. “We are going to need to burn fossil fuels for a long time. The question is exactly how fast are we going to a sustainable energy future?”

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