We made this decision literally two minutes ago.

Top 55 American Idol contestants PJAE and Malik Heard receive some surprising news during the season 21 finale judgement. (Photo: ABC)

Bring Sunday American Idol The Showstoppers Round — aka the Final Judgment, or as old-school viewers called it again, the Green Mile — where the judges chose the Magic 24 to move on to the semifinals for Season 21. After watching this year’s 55 remaining nominees as they Performing in front of a live audience at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles, the judges claimed they were facing their toughest and “grittiest” decisions ever.

Of course, the judges say so all season. But they seem to really agonize over some of the deliberations, especially when it comes to similarly relatable, pseudo-reliant soul singers PJAE and Malik Heard. After listening to PJAE do Luke James “I Want You” and Malik do the vibey Tevin Campbell “Can We Talk”, “Can We Talk” The panelists were at a standstill, so they decided to solve the problem with a good old sing-along of sudden death, right there in the deliberation room.

And as is often the case with American Idol Final Verdict/Green Mile episodes, there was a good old-fashioned “twist” too – but really this episode He was first series.

So here’s what happened: PJAE and Malik were tasked with choosing Billie Eilish’s “All I Want” or Daniel Caesar’s “Best Part” featuring HER (they both had to agree on this), rehearse for an hour, and then go back to singing in the room without hesitation or Microphones or musical support of any kind. After going with Eilish’s song, both contestants gave an elegant performance, and vocally it was incredibly close. However, PJAE interpreted the song with more pure emotion, and Luke Bryan even said it was the best song PJAE sang in his entire life. So it looked like PJAE was the winner..but obviously so were the judges no Anticipating this development, because now they seemed even more confused than before.

The person we were thinking of Outside! Katy Perry declared, as the judges went rogue and suddenly changed their minds. “We never did that, but we actually knocked someone else out of the competition…we made that decision literally two minutes ago.”

To be clear, this decision was to keep both of them PJAE and Malik – but at the expense of lastan unnamed contestant he had originally assigned to the Top 24.

& # 39;  American Idol & # 39;  Top 55 contestants PJAE and Malik Heard are waiting & # 39;  American Idol & # 39;  judges & # 39;  Last minute decision.  (Images: ABC)

Top 55 American Idol contestants PJAE and Malik Heard are awaiting the American Idol jury’s last-minute decision. (Images: ABC)

It wasn’t clear if any of Sunday’s singers were the exact one pushed aside to make room for both PJAE and Malik. Among those sent home were Kaylin Hedges, the Platinum ticket recipient who stumbled upon Seal’s poorly chosen cover, and Adin Boyer, the autistic singer-songwriter who struggled but ultimately triumphed during Hollywood Week. Adeen’s vocals weren’t quite on par with some of the rest of the Top 55, but Lionel Richie assured the talented musician that he had “a definite place in this business” and even told him, “I want to write with you. I mean that. I just want to sit with you and see what you have to offer, because you have so much out there. Find the phone call! I hope those weren’t empty words from Lionel, but regardless, Adin left Idol With his head and spirit so high.

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Fire Wilmore’s Sunday exit was more tense, even if it was — I’m honest, in a Cowell-like way — long overdue. A hard-on-his-luck single mom who’s been given multiple opportunities (starting with an invitation to audition again after initially being turned down), Fire has had a “fun ride” this season. And her Showstoppers cover of Duffy’s “Mercy” left things on a literally high note, as it was her best performance yet. But that wasn’t enough, so she told the panel interviewed by Fire TV that her fun journey continues Idol in the end. “Truthfully, your fire will never go out,” insisted Fire’s biggest supporter, Katie, adding, “I love you.” But Katie, who gave the shot that second shot during the tests, he did not do Extend any offer to cooperate or keep in touch, like Lionel with Adin. And as the fire “closes” – this is how Luke described her real-time reaction to her rejection – the disappointment and even anger on her face was palpable. “I no OK to go home. I just feel like I need this more than a lot of people have. She told host Ryan Seacrest lightly. (if I were especially Honestly, I suspect the producers played on Fire’s desperation, for ratings and drama, and didn’t really intend to push her into the live shows – so I understand her bitterness.)

Sunday’s episode ended with a cliffhanger: another sing-along, this time between smokey-throated teens Paige Ann and Megan Danielle. Paige Anne hasn’t been feeling well this week, so she remotely delivered her Showstoppers show, “California Dreamin’,” from her hotel room. (Side note: Why wasn’t this an option for patient Kaia Stewart, who had to drop out last week?) And Paige gave what the judges said was her “best in-room performance ever.” (Another side note: This was high praise, considering that previous winners, Noah Thompson and Just Sam, had performed remotely during their respective seasons.) Meghan had the advantage of having her performances, from A star is born “Always Remember Us That Way”, with a full band and audience at the Orpheum – but the judges seemed to think the two singers occupied the same track. So, they asked Paige and Megan to choose any Adele song (Why???) And the girls went with “Easy on Me”. The night ended with Paige’s lovely if some sort of controlled and controlled performance of that tone, but we’ll have to wait until Monday’s episode two of Showstoppers to see if Megan is meant to be a bit more subtle and rough – or if the judges just went too easy. On these singing contenders and let both of them move into the top 24 as well.

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Here are the other singers who survived Sunday’s finale. On Monday, we’ll find out who will join them, including Paige and/or Megan, as the judges’ deliberation wraps up. I doubt we’ll ever find out which unlucky contestant the judges recklessly ran into after PJAE and Malik’s singing changed their minds, but there will still be drama, because according to Ryan, Monday will have “a shocking development you’ll never see coming!” ” okay then.

Kaira, “river”

Swap a piano for her badass bass Guitar, this rock chick in Fabulous Stains red eyeliner to rule on the cover of Bishop Briggs and, as the judges put it, “wake everybody up.” No wonder she entered the judges’ deliberation room dressed matrix Superhero Sunday is even better, like she’s walking a runway in Paris. The woman is a star. Lionel said the steakhouse performer effectively went “from lounge singer to lead singer” this week.

Warren Peay, “Whipping Post”

I think Warren really needed his “crutch” of a tool, for him guitar; This was not the week to take risks and put it aside. Even Katie was horrified when she saw him walk the stage without him. His “Whipping Post” was nowhere on the level of Bo Bice’s popular Season 4 version, and I thought he’d blow it up. But the judges still put Warren in action, perhaps based on his strong all-around body of work. I hope he brings his guitar to Hawaii for the next tour.

Notsa, “Proud Mary”

Rebounding from the Hollywood Week debacle when she was asked to have “more grace” after clashing with her duet partner, Notsa was humbled and apologetic in the Final Judgment Room, but in the Orpheum Theater she was still a proud pop singer. While I wouldn’t compare her to Tina Turner at all, she was serving up some J.Lo realism in a neon catsuit and flashy shoes, and the flashy, flashy Vegas-style number was just right for her. it was arousing. The judges were “mad for Nutsa” and suspended her. I’m glad Nutsa didn’t get an evil mod this week.

Michael Williams, “Angels Like You”

The judges declared this heartthrob “Top 10” in his quiz, but this week’s Miley Cyrus cover wasn’t even the Top 55 material. The judges seemed indifferent and later blamed it on the song choice. Given that they dumped Kaylin Hedges after she failed to clear the very high limit that was set for her, I have no idea why Michael was given a timeout after such a lackluster effort.

Wee Annie, “Ain’t No Way”

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the curse. There is no way this The Dynamite Lady Doesn’t Make a Top 10. She killed that Aretha cover and showed off a whistle-blowing tone that made Lionel rise from his seat and testify. “That’s a star, right there!” Polite Lionel. Wé’s selection of the top 24 seemed to be the easiest decision the judges made of the evening.

Zachariah Smith “Don’t Stop Me Now”

Zacharias was going through a rough patch in Hollywood, but I was still rooting for him, so I breathed a huge sigh of relief and joy when he returned for the season (so far) with this perfectly chosen Queen anthem. So it was Zakariya So In his element – more like a Showboaters tour, my prince? Orpheum’s audience ate it. “Maybe the damn thing won!” Luke exclaimed, while Katie said Zachariah has “one of the more interesting voices in the competition.” We hope there is nothing stopping him now.

Tyson Venegas, “Cuz I Love You”

This was another well-liked Platinum Ticket that faltered and collapsed under the pressure, forgetting nearly the entire first verse of this hard, wordy, groovy hit Lizzo. Unlike with Kaylin, the judges quickly forgave Tyson, “because they love him, and they still expect him to make it into the top 10. But I have my doubts.

Haven Madison, “Bird Set Free”

Like Maddie Poppe or Alejandro Aranda before her, Haven excels when performing her own material. She chose “Sia power” because it was a ballad he wishes She wrote, and I think she did a pretty good job with it. But she seemed to take the chorus too literally, because an act Actually sing a few times. Luke said he envisioned it “going very, very, very far”, and not just that IdolBut in the industry in general I agree; Haven has been tied for a top 10 material since its inception. But I hope she will have more opportunities to sing her own songs. She is a true artist.

Lucy Love, “Flying Without Wings”

Lucy looked defeated after her performance of season 2 champion Robin Stoddard’s coronation theme song, apparently because she messed up some of the lyrics at the beginning of the song. Unlike Tyson’s mess, this was not noticeable, and the judges later urged her to continue the fight. I hope Lucy doesn’t get into her head – like Fire, she’s a single mom who really wants and Need That is – because if she doesn’t sabotage herself, she has the potential to go far.

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