Was Jack the Ripper Polish? It is possible. There are many theories about the identity of history’s most famous killer, and clues include: to Poland. | News from around the world

The story of Jack the Ripper He is not only one of the most famous serial killers in history, but It left its mark on pop culture. The reason? The number of victims, the constant pattern of murders and the fun with the investigators. Here there is room for many secrets that still ring in the ears of “lovers” of this character. But before talking about the identity of the culprit, his story is worth telling from the beginning. Although tragic in its consequences, as luck would have it, it is very interesting.

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The story of Jack the Ripper, a serial killer. Five victims, two months and brutal street attacks

Jack the Ripper terrorized London in 1888, the deaths of at least five women: Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly. The manner in which he committed his crimes would surely frighten anyone. All the victims were called women of low morals, and their bodies were mutilated, which makes it possible to assume that human anatomy is not alien to him. Except for the last murder, every crime took place in the street, even in the name of the principle that it is always dark under a street lamp. Just after 4:00 a.m. on August 31, 1988, Coach found it. The body of Mary Ann Nicholls was laid to rest in Whitechapel. The victim pulled it margins, a cut stomach and a slit throat. That’s when the drama began, A Great Britain was convulsed with fear. This was the first victim attributed to Jack the Ripper. Rarely A week later, another body was found, and experts discovered that Annie Chapman had been disemboweled. Three weeks later the situation recurred. Only then did I get it Both victims had their internal organs removed. While the services did their best to patrol the streets and calm people down, Jack the Ripper made his presence felt again on November 10. As it turns out, Mary Kelly’s murder was the last “job” of the criminal.. The girl was found in bed in a dimly lit shelter, her organs lying on a table nearby. While in theory the nightmare is over, for investigators it has only just begun. For years to come The identity of the serial killer was disturbing their sleepAnd all efforts and clues did not bring the expected relief.

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Jack the Ripper and Perfect Crimes. He strangled his victims and removed their internal organs – was this his signature?

The way the Ripper chose to kill his victims left the world waiting for new reports on the case. Newspapers reached record circulation, and officials were more confused than ever. The places where the murdered women lived were considered the most deplorable in London. The murderer also had his own model – It was struck on weekends and holidays, after midnight or in the morning. He suffocated his intoxicated victims, cut their throats, and then butchered their bodies – Removal of internal organs. He began with the intestines, then concentrated on the kidneys and uterus, and finally, with the most brutal murder, He cut out his victim’s heart. Although his nickname should not be surprising in this situation, this aspect also has its own history. Well, a letter was allegedly sent to a newspaper in which the alleged killer introduced himself… Jack the Ripper (“Jack the Ripper”). Unfortunately, there are many signs that the letter is fabricated, but the name itself doesn’t stop working. To date, he is associated with the first such famous serial killer. The criminal’s reputation is the result of an unsolved case The mystery surrounding the identity of the “Whitechapel Murderer”.. Who is he really? This is where the great unknowns begin to appear.

The true identity of Jack the Ripper. Is he Polish? Recent research has led here

Over the next few years, many theories emerged about the identity of Jack the Ripper, but each of them had a “but”. Since 1888, 100 names have been mentioned, and each of them caused considerable emotion. The biggest breakthrough came when a man of Polish origin was charged. The English police, searching the archives, found something that should reveal new pages in the case. A log was found with a stick on its head A carved, probably unique, likeness of Jack the Ripper. Adding to this technological advances, the investigators were able to take another step forward, which led them to Aaron Kosminski – then a 23-year-old hairdresser. They based their conclusions on genetic tests of material obtained from a silk scarf containing traces of blood and sperm found with the body of the fourth victim, Catherine Eddowes. Fragments of mitochondrial DNA were compared with samples taken from living relatives of the suspect. The results showed some consistency. In addition, the origin of the “Whitecapal Murderer” was also explored. Similarities were also found here. Unfortunately, as with every theory, there were skeptics. Experts pointed out that the scarf might have been contaminated for so long. Also, much is said about the fact that he actually stayed Acquired at auction and presented by Russell Edwards, author of “I Call Jack the Ripper.” Despite high hopes, it is difficult to consider the mystery solved, and everything indicates that the identity of the most famous serial killer has yet to be discovered. Many crime lovers will surely want to solve this one, which guarantees that our hearts will beat faster again.

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