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Estelle Harriswho played the mother of George Costanza (Jason Alexander) Estelle on the popular NBC sitcom. Seinfelddied Saturday evening of natural causes in Palm Desert, California, a few weeks before her 94th birthday.

“It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Estelle Harris this evening at 6:25 p.m.,” her son, Glenn Harris, who caught her as she breathed her last, told Deadline. “Her kindness, affection, sensitivity, sense of humor, sympathy and love were practically unrivaled, and she will be sorely missed by all who knew her.”

Estelle Nussbaum was born in New York City

Harris is also famous for voicing Mrs. Potato Head on three Pixar installments Toy Story franchising (2And the 3 And the 4) and a number of additional shorts. Other movie credits included PromotionAnd the CBGBAnd the play mona lisaAnd the dancing in septemberAnd the What is cooking?And the Found the lostAnd the my giantAnd the Odd Couple IIAnd the Chairman of Board of DirectorsAnd the out to seaAnd the Willie’s DescentAnd the perfect excuseAnd the This is my lifeAnd the Stand and deliverAnd the Once upon a time in AmericaAnd the Smerdog And the seek.

Thanks to his comedic gifts and unique voice, Harris was known at one point on Madison Street as the “Queen of Commercials”, having been known to book as many as 25 national television commercials in a single year. ““Her passion was her work, and her work was her passion,” said Glenn Harris.

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Harris is survived by three children, as well as three grandchildren and a grandson. Plans to erect a monument were not disclosed.

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