“Warranties aren't worth the paper they're written on.” Appeal regarding Ukraine

As the petition's signatories emphasize, some European countries continue to provide very modest military aid to Ukraine. “Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg and France are the most frugal members of the Ramstein alliance. In this way, they exploit the generosity of their allies, betray their current leadership and undermine the unity of Europe,” they note.

They say that military aid from Denmark (EUR 3.5 billion), Norway (EUR 3.6 billion) and the Netherlands (EUR 2.5 billion) is greater than that provided by France, Italy and Spain. The US contributes EUR 44 billion, Germany EUR 17 billion and the UK over 6 billion.

Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg and France are the most austere members of the Ramstein Alliance.

“The war economy called for by the French president in June 2022 has not been implemented. Although production of Caesar self-propelled guns doubled, missile production still did not exceed 3,000 rounds of ammunition per month. “Despite the fact that missiles are considered a priority, Ukraine needs hundreds of thousands of missiles every month,” the authors of the appeal emphasize.

Aid to Ukraine has hit its lowest level in months

The level of military aid of all Ramstein coalition countries has reached its lowest level in several months – one billion euros per month. Meanwhile, Russia increased its defense budget by 68% to 106 billion. By comparison, Ukraine's budget is EUR 43 billion.

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