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Gerhard Zeller, international president of Warner Bros., revealed: Discovery, announced a new international leadership structure for the company after several departures and executive restructurings.

“Following my recent announcements regarding the departures of Priya Dogra, Robert Blair, Hans Hellmann and Pierre Branco, I have been working with leadership across the international business to create a new international structure that best leverages the strengths of our business, while empowering all of us to drive future growth. and the success of the company,” he said in a note. “After many discussions, I am now pleased to share with you my new international leadership team.”

In terms of key regions, Latin America will continue to be led by Fernando Medín.

Meanwhile, in the Asia-Pacific region, the India, Southeast Asia and Korea (INSEAK) and Western Pacific regions will be unified into one Asia-Pacific region. The district is under the leadership of James Gibbons.

And elsewhere, Clement Schoebig, who has run the company’s INSEAK since 2020, will now take charge of Germany/Switzerland/Austria (GSA), France, Benelux and Africa, which will be brought together into one Western consortium. Europe And the Africa Markets Group under his leadership.

As previously revealed, Andrew Georgiou has taken on the role of Head of Business for the UK and Ireland as well as leading WBD Sports Europe.

In Europe, Alessandro Araimo will continue to manage Southern Europe, which combines Italy and Iberia, while Cristina Solback will continue to manage the Nordic region. Kasia Kelly will continue to lead Poland.

Jimmy Cook, Who oversees the CEE (Central & Eastern Europe) and MENA&T (Middle East, North Africa & Turkey) regions and is responsible for creative channels and all pay TV channels across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), will provide additional oversight of acquisitions On unwritten and written content. Zeller unveiled that Miriam Lopez Otazo, who is responsible for “sourcing and maximizing unregistered use across WBD’s portfolio in EMEA” in collaboration with Meredith Gertler’s team, will now report to Cook.

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His memorandum also detailed the following roles:

Ragnhild Thorbech will retain responsibility for acquisitions written to “fully integrate Max’s content strategy and will become part of the global broadcast content leadership team,” reporting to Meredith Gertler, executive vice president of global content strategy, planning and analysis.

Vanessa Brockman will continue to run the children’s business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Ronald Joyce will continue to oversee WBITVP’s international production unit, which includes 21 production companies in 13 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Qaiser Rafiq will continue to lead the commercial strategy for the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.

Louis The memo explained that Goldstein will continue to lead international business operations and “expand his coordination responsibility for international home entertainment to also include content licensing.”

“I am thrilled to have such a great international leadership team with the skills and capabilities needed to successfully lead us through the next phase of Warner Bros. Discovery’s growth,” Zeller said. “This team has the attitude and competence to manage the complexity of international business and the one-team mentality to collaborate effectively with global partners across the company.”

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