War in Ukraine. Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant. Secret works of the Russians

According to Enerhoatom, who manages four Nuclear power plants in UkraineRussian forces have been in the lead for the past week Secret construction work at Enerhodara power plant siteAnd Russian soldiers controlling the area prevented Ukrainian personnel managing the power plant or International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) experts from entering the work area.

In an announcement on Tuesday, Enerhoatom said “Considering that the Russians are preparing a terrorist attack using nuclear materials and radioactive waste stored at the power plant. He also pointed out that there are 174 dry spent nuclear fuel containers in the power plant complex.

“Destruction of these containers as a result of explosion Radiation can lead to disaster and contaminate several hundred square kilometers of land. – The Ukrainian operator announced, calling on the IAEA to fully investigate the situation at Enerhodar. France and Great Britain have said Ukraine is going to use the “dirty bomb”.. The international community rejected the allegations and urged Russia to stop using false accusations to escalate the war.

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