War in Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky put pressure on the US Congress

As Politico’s Adam Smith reported, Zelensky and other representatives of the authorities told members of Congress that they wanted to make peace with Russia, but only after the liberation of the occupied territories, especially in the south of the country.

Zelenskiy said the time window for launching such a counterattack is short due to the Russians’ strengthening positions and favorable conditions for defense in the fall and winter.

– Let’s help them now as much as possible. The next three to six weeks are critical, summarizes the Ukrainian leader’s message from the head of the House of Representatives’ Armed Forces Committee.

Smith said at the same time that he and his Republican colleagues in Congress are pressing the Joe Biden administration to devolve Ukraine. ATACMS rockets – System compatible Himars The missiles have a range of 300 km. The politician added that it may change despite the administration’s opposition to it due to the risk of escalation.

– If the Russians continue to push forward, practically committing genocide, forcibly deporting children and killing people who disagree with their rule, it raises the stakes and creates a different situation – the politician said.

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