War in Ukraine. Ukraine is ready to send the first grain ships. 17 ships are waiting in the port of Odessa | World news

Volodymyr Zelensky announced that the first ships had already been loaded with grain, but the Russian war was unable to leave the port. In Odessa More ships are being loaded. The President of Ukraine noted that the port is working Ukraine Fully ready to export. As he added, this information was shared with partners in Turkey and the UN. The Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure is in regular contact with them.

Ukraine is ready to resume grain exports from Odessa port

We await the signal to begin. Shipment should start today or tomorrow

– noted Volodymyr Zelensky.

More information about the war in Ukraine on the Gazeta.pl homepage

During the visit of Ukrainian officials to the port in Odessa, Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov confirmed that Ukraine is ready to export grain.

We hope to receive confirmation today from the United Nations regarding the proposed corridor for ships to cross the Black Sea towards the Bosphorus and then we will be ready to leave. Hopefully the first ships will leave our ports by the end of this week

– announced Kubrakov.

There are 17 vessels loaded with Ukrainian grain in Odessa port. In total, Ukraine has about 20 million tons of grain. Some regions without it ¶Bandal A food crisis is threatened.

Russia blocks the transport of Ukrainian grain

Martin Griffiths, head of humanitarian aid at the United Nations, said he hoped the first shipment of grain would leave Ukrainian ports on Friday. However, he admitted that work on key issues related to safe shipping is still ongoing. Martin Griffiths said the Turkish Army Russia and Ukraine at the UN Coordination Center in Istanbul. Establishes procedures to implement contracts concluded prior to the week in conjunction with representatives.

These are detailed negotiations of an agreement, but without establishing procedures, safe passage for ships cannot be ensured.

Martin Griffiths said procedures should be clear and understandable to the business sector as well.

Dialogue on the Blinken-Lavrov line. Theme: Ukrainian grain transport

The transportation of Ukrainian grain was also the subject of negotiations between US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Blinken was a reminder to the Russian diplomat that the world expects Russia to fulfill its obligations under an agreement reached with Ukraine in Turkey to prevent the export of Ukrainian grain by sea.

It was the first conversation between the diplomats since the war in Ukraine began.

The export was intercepted by the Russian Navy. A week ago Russia Turkey and the United Nations pledged to block Ukrainian ports.

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