War in Ukraine. The Russians transferred the Pansir system to Tula

Ukrainians have intensified attacks on Russian refineries. The Ukrainian-Tatar opposition movement ATESZ said Russian forces have deployed Pantsir missile systems in Tula, where oil storage facilities are located, fearing airstrikes. Tula also has weapons factories.

The ATESZ movement reported that the Russians moved the Pansir system to Tula after the March Ukrainian drone strikes. Russian website RBK then reported that two drones were shot down in Tula province. RBK did not provide details, but recalled that after Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, the region was “systematically attacked by drones.”

According to the ATESZ movement, oil storage facilities in Tula were the target of recent Ukrainian airstrikes. In January of this year, the Ukrainians also attacked weapons factories in the city, which, among other things, produce rocket missiles.

ATESZ reported that the Russians are “trying to quickly evacuate oil storage facilities in Tula as they do not have sufficient air defense systems to protect all critical facilities in the country.”

Entry in Telegram channel of ATESZ movement ATESZ/Telegram

Defense of the Crimean Bridge

In an interview with the English-language Kyiv Post portal, one of the members of the ATESZ movement asserted that “the Russians are concentrating a significant part of their air defenses in the annexed Crimea and border regions, removing defenses from other areas.”

According to the findings of the ATESZ movement, one of the Pantsir systems was deployed near the Crimean bridgehead to protect against possible attacks by Ukrainian forces.

In early March, the Free Russian Telegram channel VCzK-OGPU posted a video of a Pantsir system that overturned on a road in Sochi. The equipment was supposed to be on “combat duty” in front of the home of President Vladimir Putin, who was visiting the city.

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