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The Russian National Guard (Roskhvartia) on January 5 shot dead six soldiers who were ready to surrender to Ukrainian serfdom near Chistopila (Zaporizhia Oblast, part of which is under Russian occupation), the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced on Sunday. (January 8).

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“Terrorists must be defeated and any attempt at fresh attacks on their part must end in failure.”

The Russians shot their soldiers dead. The reason? They don’t like panic

In a statement of the Ukrainian staff published on Facebook, such actions of the Russian National Guard are aimed at maintaining military discipline and preventing the spread of panic among soldiers of the occupying forces.

Recall, the Russian National Guard (Roskhvartia), that is, the federal service of the National Guard troops Russia It is a formation that combines aspects of military and police forces. It was established in 2016 on the basis of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Headed by General Viktor Zolotov, former head of Vladimir’s personal security department Putin.

In addition, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced in a statement that the Kremlin campaign is not slowing down. Russians They are spreading false information that Ukrainian troops are preparing to shell medical facilities in the occupied territories of Luhansk region where wounded Russian soldiers are being treated.

Moscow boasts of killing 600 Ukrainians. Journalists refuse

War in Ukraine. Russian losses

Lasts up to 320 day War in UkraineIt erupted on February 24, 2022. According to information from the Ukrainian headquarters, the Russians have already lost 111,760 soldiers since the beginning of the invasion, as well as e.g. 3,080 tanks, 284 airplanes, 285 or 275 helicopters, 1856 Drones and 6,147 armored vehicles.

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The American Institute for the Study suggests that the poor system for mobilizing reservists and the Russian command’s inability to learn from mistakes were responsible for the heavy losses. War (HEI).

“Most advanced” fighters on the frontline? Russia is afraid of losing them

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