War in Ukraine. The Russians launched a hypersonic rocket. It fell into their territory

Ukrainian media has information about every day Losses suffered by the Russians during the war Or other – sometimes ridiculous – mistakes made by local players.

This time The aggressors launched a “Kindżał” hypersonic rocket, which landed on their country’s territory.

“At first, the Russian military was silent, then they said it was a Ukrainian Tu-143 drone. Then they even said it. “It’s a UFO.” – In a telegram of the Strategic Communications Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, he wrote attaching photos from the crash site.

Recall the result Ukrainian counterattack The number of Russian troops, officers and collaborators is decreasing. They leave their equipment and weapons and run en masse.

Recently, the invaders have also disabled mobile internet Luhansk region – US Institute of War Studies (ISW) reported.

Ukrainian counter-offensive in the Kharkiv region of northeastern UkraineAccording to a recent think tank report, it continues to weaken Russian troops by threatening Russian artillery and air defenses.

Ukrainian and Russian sources also reported being held by Ukrainians Attacks took place in the north of Kherson Oblast in the southern part of the country, but no reports of large-scale gains in the region emerged. – added.

The Russians mostly attacked Hydrotechnical infrastructure in Dnipropetrovsk regionTo disrupt the ability of Ukrainian forces to operate around the Ingulek River. They continued ground offensives around Bagmut and Donetsk, ISW estimates.


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