War in Ukraine. The province of Gershon was annexed by Russia

Gerson It has become what I call the Horror Lab. Let’s see how Kremlin Introduced its strategy for annexation of Ukrainian territory Russia – He said during a press conference in Vienna, quoting Ukrainian fact.

As he mentioned Head of the US Embassy for OSCESimilar actions can be seen before this.

– We have seen such a strategy before. These are, unfortunately, well-known functions. We hope that the Kremlin will wait a moment to join Russia in the Gershon region, and we hope that a referendum will be one of the possible ways, he said.

According to Carpenter, Russians Systematic organization of torture for residents of the Kerson region. – Fr. 600 people have been tortured in the Kherson area – Added.

He said there was a special building for the Russians to torture, in which residents were forcibly guided.

– Russian soldiers take local people there Artists, journalists, activists And those they consider Participants in meetings against the Russian occupation – He handed over Carpenter.

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