War in Ukraine. State Department. Warning that Gerson will be annexed by Russia

– The Kremlin is considering several options The so-called recognized People’s Republic (…) After the annexation, as Russia did in Crimea. This is a predictable part of the Russian situation, so we are constantly sounding the alarm, ‚ÄĚPrice told a news conference. He further added that in order to make frequent visits to the occupied territory by Russian officials, President Putin’s mandate to facilitate the issuance of passports to Ukrainian citizensAnd projects Introduction of the ruble as a currency.

It had warned many things in advance, including the United States In the possible setting of a false referendum on the formation of the “Kerson People’s Republic”. When asked why these plans – the State Department warned The referendum may take place in mid-May – Not working, admitted he did not know the price. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat America’s warnings and Russia’s plans. He also mentioned Russia has “completely collapsed” in its attempts to gain a social legitimacy from the occupying administration.

The speaker also referred to speculation about the pressure on Ukraine or the proposed pressure in Western European countriesAccepted the loss of territory to Russia to end the war. Bryce rejected suggestions that the West was divided over Russia, which could end the war on its own at any time. According to the United States, Russia is currently unwilling to join the peace talks in good faith.

The issue is related NATO expansion and blocking the entry of Finland and Sweden by Turkey, A spokesman expressed hope that the dispute would be resolved “quickly”, but declined to announce that it would become a NATO summit in Madrid by the end of June. When asked about reports in the Polish press that the United States has decided to keep U.S. troops in Poland permanently, Price declined to comment.

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