War in Ukraine. Staff: The Russians abandoned their offensive in the Sumi area

General staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced on Facebook on Sunday evening that the Russians were abandoning offensive operations in the city of Sumi and trying to reorganize their units into other areas.

“Towards Słobożański the enemy abandoned offensive operations near the city of Sumi, reorganizing and trying to withdraw units in other directions” – it was written in the release.

At the same time, the staff added that the Russians continued their attacks on Kharkiv’s infrastructure. They are also trying to carry out offensive operations towards the city of Isiam.

The military situation in Ukraine remains stable for the next 24 hours – Evaluate experts at the Warsaw Center for Eastern Studies (OSW) after 31 days of war.

According to the authors of the analysis Andrzej Wilk, Piotr ochowski and Jadwiga Rogoż, local conquests were recorded by Ukrainian units in the Sumi region, as well as in the war-torn Trościaniec and the outlying villages of Krasnopillia and Sławhorod on the Russian border. In turn, Zaporizhia dissolved the post of regional security occupier in Oblast and captured the village of Połtawka (formerly captured Małynywka).

OSW experts write that Russian forces expanded their sphere of influence southwest of Kiev and took positions near Bozarka, from where they opened fire on the village and the southwestern railway line (two). Passenger trains shelling)

“More and more hostile saboteur and spy groups are infiltrating the capital. Fierce fighting has failed, especially in the Kiev region of Irbine and in the cities of Donbass (Mariupol Meyer calls for the complete evacuation of civilians; Regiment Commander Azov finally declares war on Iraqi occupier O’Keefe.” Battalion serves troops), but was able to direct spy units in Slaviansk and south, towards Donetsk and Lukansk in the west, towards the village of Parvenkovo. Missile strikes that identify potential targets, “the analysis wrote.

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