War in Ukraine. Scholes wants Schrder to resign from Russian positions

German Chancellor Olaf Scholes He called the former president again Heckhard Schrder To resign from positions in Russian companies. This is completely unreasonable, “Scholz told the ZDF on Monday.

The head of government insisted on the presidency “Can’t order” His predecessor. Schrder was severely criticized for not resigning from positions at Russian fuel and energy companies despite Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The head of the German government stressed that financial and military aid from Germany and other countries had contributed to this. “In fact, the most effective Ukrainian army is able to withstand such a strong adversary for so long.”. – Ukrainian Army Will continue to be supported – Scholz added.

The goal should be for Ukraine to live in peace and independence. “Our goal is to end the fighting immediately, end Russia’s war and withdraw its troops from Ukraine,” he said.

As he declared “Russia can not win, Ukraine can not lose” He further added that there was no question of peace being imposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Russia needs to get out of Ukraine,” Scholes said. In his view, the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula by Russia in 2014 was a violation of international law.

Scholes has denied allegations that Germany’s policy towards Ukraine is too volatile. – I always consult with my partners and make quick decisions. But in my course now we must act wisely and with a clear mind Said the Chancellor.


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