War in Ukraine. “Russian generals are trying to stop Putin”

Vladimir Putin’s plans for a bombing victory over Ukraine and the capture of Kiev in three days certainly failed. For more than two weeks, Ukrainians have been actively opposing Russian forces, which have suffered unprecedented casualties. According to the head of the intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Girillo Pudanova Only Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu supported further hostility in Russia to Ukraine.

According to military intelligence (GUR MO), only Putin and Shoaib are interested in continuing the war. They are the only ones who publicly express this position.

“Everyone is trying to stop it, some are very active, some are still secretive. By sabotaging the transmission of orders in accordance with the command chain. Most Russian generals are against this war“- Budanov told Ukraine 24 television.

General staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said on Saturday, February 24th 12,000 Russian soldiers are already dead.

According to Ukrainian data, as of March 12, the total number of Russian casualties was more than 12,000. People; 362 tanks; 1,205 armored combat vehicles; 135 artillery systems; 62 multi-rocket missiles; 33 air defense systems; 58 aircraft; 83 helicopters; 585 wheelers; 3 ships; 60 tanks; 7 unmanned aerial vehicles.


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