War in Ukraine. Putin met with Lukashenko. “Let's Intervene”

Hours later 20:00 Polish time The Kremlin A meeting of dictators began Alexandra Lukashenko And Vladimir Putin. The Russian leader said his country is “always ready for peace with Ukraine.” – Russia has never refused to peacefully resolve its disputes with Ukraine – he emphasized, although his country has intensified attacks on critical and civilian infrastructure facilities in recent days.

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky Russia announced Thursday morning that it had attacked its country's critical infrastructure with more than 40 missiles and about 40 drones last night.

In response, Ukrainian drones attacked Russian refineries, significantly reducing oil production capacity. Moscow is forced to import fuel, among other things. From Belarus.

Russia. Putin met with Lukashenko. There were words about “militarization”.

Russian shelling of Ukrainian energy facilities is part of Ukraine's 'militarization' – said Putin. – Unfortunately, we recently observed a series of attacks on our energy facilities, and we were forced to respond – the Russian leader was quoted by Reuters.

Russia carried out the attacks as part of the “militarization” of Ukraine, as the shelling had a direct impact on the country's arms industry. He added that Russia “conducted no shelling” during the winter for “humanitarian reasons”.

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Putin also mentioned the Ukraine peace conference planned for June in Switzerland. The summit will be held on June 15-16 at the resort Burgenstock nearby Lucerne“Russia was not invited.

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This surprised Putin. – At the same time, they say, peace is impossible without Russia – he said. And as he put it, “Russia is against imposing plans for a Ukrainian accord, which has nothing to do with reality.”

Lukashenko expresses readiness to “intervene”.

In turn, Lukashenko said during a meeting in the Kremlin that if Switzerland wanted a conference in Ukraine without Moscow and Minsk, “it can only agree to enlargement.”

He also said that Belarus supports Russia's position on the peace process in Ukraine. – Today everything is negotiable – he said. Lukashenko estimated that after the terrorist attack (claimed by the so-called Islamic State), Russian officials would not talk to Ukraine, while Minsk could act as a mediator.

– They will not talk to them, it is impossible for them to talk. But if you need help with this conversation, we can step in, he promised.

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He added that Belarus was forced to strengthen its border “due to the increasing Western military presence”. – The Lithuanians are conducting exercises and planning another one in May. We were forced to deploy our units and face them. “I don't know why they need it,” Lukashenko said.

During the meeting between the leaders of the two countries, the affairs of the Western countries were also discussed. – Claims that Russia might attack the West are nonsense fueled by local ruling circles to justify spending on Ukraine, Putin said.

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