War in Ukraine. “NYT” about the Russian army. US intelligence data provided

Daily quotes, according to U.S. officials The absence of a commander-in-chief on the spot was one of the reasons for the weak position of the Russian troops In Ukraine, problems with the coordination between different types of armed forces and the transition of forces to changing conditions.

This factor is also said to have contributed to the deaths of at least seven generalsBecause of the chaos that prevailed, they were forced to come forward to personally solve the tactical problems of the troops.

As “NYT” writes, U.S. services and the Pentagon failed several weeks into the appearance of the commander-in-chief leading the Russian offensive.. In the end, the decisions on the battlefield were made hundreds of kilometers from Moscow and were the responsibility of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, General Valery Gerasimov and Putin, the head of the civil service. According to analysts, this complicates the command and exchange of information.

Earlier, US CNN reported that the US military could not identify the person responsible for the Russian military’s operations. Two U.S. defense officials he cited pointed it out There is no connection between the Russian troops occupying certain territories of Ukraine..

Live coverage of events in Ukraine

According to one of the delegates quoted, the Russian soldiers, who were trained not to move without the permission of their superiors, “were frustrated on the battlefield, while Putin, Shoiku and Gerasimov continued to draw up a strategy that was increasingly separated from reality.”

According to former U.S. Army General Jeffrey Schocer, quoted by the NYT Changing Russian strategy and focusing on the attack on Donbass will not bring the results Russia wants Lack of adequate forces.

They do not seem to have a consensus opinion How much power is needed to defeat the regular and regional forces of Ukraine in the city. It will require hundreds of thousands of additional troops, ”the military said.

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