War in Ukraine. Media: Heavy losses of Ukrainians at the front

Two Americans enlisted in the unit Special Forces in the Ukrainian Army – ABC reported in content released Thursday evening (local time). Both were injured two weeks ago.

Huge losses in people and equipment

They describe their unit as having taken control of a village near Donetsk, which it has controlled since 2014. Russian-backed separatists. An ABC caller, originally from Texas and using the alias “Tango,” said his unit of several dozen men suffered losses of up to 85 percent.

A second American, originally from Alaska and going by the nickname “Goldfish,” said the Russians put up “well-organized resistance” during the fighting.

ABC also quotes statements from players The Ukrainian was injured During the counter attack. One of them complained about the poor – in his opinion – organization of the operation and criticized some tactical decisions. He said the Ukrainians lost three in one day Leopard TanksDirectly driven Mines. As he said, newly mobilized Ukrainian soldiers were often not sufficiently trained for complex offensive operations. battlefield.

Another ABC caller who joined Ukrainian army A year ago, he said, about 80 percent of his unit, which was sent on the offensive in early June this year, was injured. People. However, no one was killed.

“Ukrainians are fighting well”

“+49” – a program about what is happening in Germany//Tomas Lejman//INTERIA.PL

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