War in Ukraine. Media: Attack on a collaborator in Occupied Gershon

Dimitrov SaulchenkoThe head of the family, youth and sports department among the occupation officers died at the scene of the car explosion, according to the Ukrainian Pravda portal.

Before the full-scale war, Savluchenko was a pro-Russian activist, to whom he belonged Party of Victor Medvetsuk.

The Ukrainian Truth website provided information about the attack, and the journalist posted photos of the entrance to the scene of the explosion. Denis Kazansky. The Russian propaganda media also confirmed the blast.

Information about the attack was posted on social media. That was a suggestion The coup may have been a clash between local bandits.

“Dmytro Savulchenko may have been disbanded by the Ukrainian secret services, but another reason cannot be ruled out. At present, robbers and robbers are very happy to settle accounts, because these killings are easily attributed to the Ukrainian forces,” he wrote in the Telegram. .

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