War in Ukraine. May 23, 2023, the 454th day of the invasion [NA YWO]

Russia intercepts two US bombers in Baltic Sea

Two US Air Force B-1B bombers were intercepted by Russian jets in the Baltic Sea near the Russian border, CNN reported, citing the Russian Defense Ministry.

“On May 23, 2023, Russian airspace control over the Baltic Sea detected two aircraft targets approaching the state border of the Russian Federation,” the Russian Federation’s National Defense Control Center said in a statement on Telegram.

“To prevent the violation of the state border of the Russian Federation, an Su-27 fighter jet from the air defense forces of the Baltic Fleet flew into the air,” it continued, and “the crew of the Russian fighter jet classified two B-1B strategic bombers of the US Air Force as air targets and a predetermined air surveillance zone.” captured

The Russian Defense Ministry commented that the strict action was taken in accordance with international rules on the use of airspace.

According to CNN, the Pentagon confirmed there was “contact” between two B-1 bombers and Russian jets.

– I understand that this is a safe and professional communication with Russian Airlines. So there’s nothing substantial to add to the matter,” Pentagon Press Secretary Brig. Pat Ryder said at a press conference Tuesday.

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