War in Ukraine. Like Mariupol. Discharge of Azovstalin. A turning point in the city besieged by the Russians

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky announced the launch on Sunday Eviction of the public from the Azovstall factories in Mariupol. The first group of about a hundred people went to those areas Under the control of Ukraine.

The group is expected in Zaporizhia on Monday – Jolensky added. “We thank our team! They are currently working with UN representatives to evacuate the remaining civilians from the plant’s territory,” Zelenskiy wrote on Twitter.

Earlier notice was also issued in this regard United Nations. According to the United Nations, it is conducting a safe crossing operation for the public from the Azovstel smelter. The operation began on April 30 and is being coordinated with the International Committee Redcross societyRussia and Ukraine.

However, due to the safety of the evictees only the remaining information in the case remains. It is known that the organization reached the plants on Saturday morning and is coordinating its entire operation.

Provide on site Reuters photojournalist At the beginning of the operation, he reported the evacuation of 40 people, and then 14 more civilians were evacuated from the besieged city by the Russians.

The determination came Red Cross – CNN reported. “The ICRC is committed to the task of evacuating Mariupol, in collaboration with the United Nations and the parties to the conflict,” the television report said.


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