War in Ukraine. Has Russia run out of Iranian drones? Analysts predict two scenarios

– Looks like the first batch is over. There was information that Russia ordered a total of 1,740 drones. Now they have no way to get them,” Yuri Ihnat was quoted as saying by the Union news agency on Wednesday.

Conflict Investigation Team (CIT) investigators also emphasize this Russia may not have Shahed-136 drones. They point out that the Russian military has stopped using them actively.

The CIT says the Russians are awaiting further deliveries or arranging for the manufacture of unmanned aerial vehicles on Russian territory.

According to the Washington Post, Russia and Iran have agreed to build “hundreds” of Iranian-designed combat drones on Russian territory.

According to representatives of Western intelligence services, “WP” is quoted, Since August, Russia has used more than 400 Iranian-made drones against Ukraine. Many unmanned aerial vehicles have attacked civilian infrastructure such as power plants. Tehran says it sold the drones to Russia before it launched a full-scale attack on Ukraine, but parts manufactured in February were found on the unmanned aerial vehicles, suggesting the weapons were later modified.

The Ukrainian side reported a 70 percent drop. Before attacking the drones.

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