War in Ukraine. Great Britain in Russian talks

In an interview with The Times, Truss said it was Very skepticalRegarding Peace talks are underway between Ukraine and Russia. “What we see is an attempt to create space for the Russians to reunite. Their invasion did not go as planned. We do not see any serious withdrawal of Russian troops or any serious plans at the table, ”he said.

The Russians lied, lied and lied again. I fear that these talks will create a smoke screen for another distraction and horrific atrocities. If a country is serious about bargaining, it does not blindly bomb civilians on the same day. But, of course, Ukraine as a sovereign country has every right to carry out the negotiation process as it sees fit.“- she said.

He expressed concern that President Vladimir Putin would seek to do so as Russia’s progress in Ukraine was weakening. “The worst methods ever”. “We have already seen the use of disaster tactics. Of course we have to be prepared for any eventuality,” he added.

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