War in Ukraine. Fierce battles for Buckmutt. Zelensky: Russia will become synonymous with failure

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that Russian forces attacked the town of Pakmut in the Donetsk region. “Russia will become an example of failure,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who also announced another set of sanctions. They include nearly three hundred companies and more than a hundred working against Ukraine and financing Russian aggression.

– Rockets and cannons, drones and mortars – the evil government uses a variety of weapons, but with one goal: to destroy life and wipe man from the face of the earth. Ruins, fragments, bullet holes – this is Russia’s self-portrait, which it paints where Russia does not exist and normal life reigns, the Ukrainian president declared on Saturday.

Zelensky: 100 rockets fell on Kharkiv

He stressed that more than 100 rockets have fallen on the city of Kharkiv in the north-east of the country since the beginning of the year.

Zelensky recalled that on Saturday, Russian forces shelled Kherson in the south of the country, killing three people who went to a store to buy groceries, and a rocket hit a municipal infrastructure facility in Zaporizhia. In border areas, Russian forces shelled villages and intimidated people, forcing them to leave.

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But Russia will not be there. It has become synonymous with terrorism and becomes an example of failure and a just punishment for this terrorism. A punishment that the Kremlin cannot stop.

“Failure Attack Attempts”

Earlier on Saturday, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that the Russians had made several unsuccessful attempts to attack. “The attack on Pakmut continued,” they added.

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In the past 24 hours, 12 airstrikes and two missile strikes have been carried out in Zaporizhia, in southeastern Ukraine. From the S-300 system, Russian forces attacked a “civil infrastructure facility”, resulting in the destruction of a building. There were no casualties.

“Russian Military Presence in Belarus”

Russian forces also launched 34 strikes with multiple rocket launchers. One of their targets was a civil infrastructure facility in Kherson in the south. Two people died and three were injured.

See: War in Ukraine. Ukrainian soldier killed by Russians. The Army has identified the prisoner

The staff asserts that Russia maintains a significant military presence in the Belarus region and conducts engineering operations in cities bordering Russia’s Bryansk and Kursk regions.


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